I’m skipping the Pure Organization Project this week as baby Justin’s in a very “hold me and don’t put me down or I’ll scream” stage and we worked more on his nursery. 🙂
As I’ve mentioned before, the bathrooms in our 70s house are very green and very 70s.  We’ve got plans to update eventually.  (Waiting on time & budget- what else? 😉  My “eventual” plans for the master bath have always included turning an old dresser into a vanity.  The dresser below (from one of my favorite homes eva!! – House Beautiful) is what I’ve had in mind.  I LOVE it!!!
And then I came across this (below) at On a Whim Antiques from Edie Trageser’s booth:


It’s an old vintage maple dresser and when I spied it a couple of weeks ago, I thought it could be perfect.  I just had to check the measurements & when they were right on, we bought it.   I plan on keeping all 3 drawers functional, just cutting out sections of the inside of the drawers for plumbing fixtures.
It’s got dovetail drawers and beautiful wooden nails.  I can’t wait for it to make its way into our bathroom, but for now I’m enjoying having a free surface to for displaying pretty things in our bedroom:
It’s time to bring in some branches from outside!!  (The pussywillow branches I have here aren’t from my yard though 😉  I’m definitely planting some “branchy” bushes asap though.
Made any good finds lately?
Happy ides of March!! 😉