We’re really getting into things at our new place!!  One of the biggest changes is the full wall of glass sliding doors in our new bedroom.  Here’s the bedroom before we bought the house:

We planned to replace the closet seen (above) with a small master bathroom and to open up the bedroom to the small courtyard just outside.

So…  the door arrived and here’s what it’s looking like right now:

I’m soooooo excited!!!  All weekend, we kept going in to stare at it.    The courtyard’s between our bedroom & the garage and once we put in our patio & plantings in, we’ll wall it in.  Here’s the view from the outside right now…

A little maple tree is centered in the garden…  I’m going to trim it slightly & can’t wait to watch it change throughout the seasons from my bed…
We’re adding an outdoor shower in the right corner and I almost don’t believe it!!  When I was a little girl, planning my dream house, it always included an outdoor shower.  When we found the house and I saw that we had a spot for it, I was so excited!!!!
I’ll share more details on the shower itself as soon as I get to planning it.


{architectural digest}
I’m planning on growing vines all over the future wall – which will be metal….   I’m going with Virginia Creeper…  Again, because of the way it changes throughout the seasons…
{Image from here}

I’ll probably grow a less invasive evergreen vine on a trellis on the garage so that in the winter I’m not looking at a little barren place & then also try to add in dwarf hollies or boxwood for more winter greens.  I can’t wait to dig in!!

And on another note- The hardwood floors from Mountain Lumber (more on them later = AMAZING!!)  are going in today!!! wahoooo  I’ll keep you posted with pics!!

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