As promised, here are some pictures of our Christmas decor!


I switched out our ever-changing pillows with some red toile pillows & a little tiny accent pillow from Target I cut in half.

We just got these teardrop glass lamps & I am having so much fun playing with my nightstands because you can see through them!

See? You can see the cute little urn of apples behind:

And here’s that little wedgewood bowl I found on the flea market trip with Eddie serving as my little catch-all. (Don’t worry, I totally put in cute things for this picture… it’s usually chapstick & hair ties! 🙂 … Along with an adorable little glass botanical coaster my cousin gave me from Anthropologie.

And here’s our armoire covered with evergreens & mossballs (my favorite!). I used lots of little silver accents mixed with white. (That’s my little baby on the left! 🙂

Here’s our little lion head change pot. I got it for around $2 at a thrift store a couple of years ago.

And here’s my $13 thrift store chair. I repainted the wood. (Before I got it there was caning but unfortunately someone cut it out.)

And here’s that fun little table I also found on the flea market with Eddie. We just keep it at the end of our bed & use it to pile books or blankets or whatever:


And one last shot of our little basement bedroom:
Merry Christmas & I’ll post our living room later!!!