Simplify your life
Live one day at a time

Less is more

Slow down and take it all in…
Quality over quantity

Forget about the mess sometimes & be happy there’s someone there to make it.

Don’t worry

Paring down makes you feel free…

Take pleasure in the day to day

Appreciate the little things in life


Find beauty in every day things…

Don’t click away the time

You never regret taking the time to do something nice for someone

They grow up before you know it

Keep your goals in mind but don’t forget to appreciate what you already have…

Each day is such a gift to us and we should treasure its beauties: nature, our homes, our friends, our families…
Take nothing for granted. You will be happier, I promise.


A little girl drowned in the ocean this week while we were at the beach. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be for her family right now & I’m heartbroken for them. Please say a little prayer & remember what’s really important in your life. Don’t take even one day for granted.




*images- 1. Real Simple, 2. Baby Christian 3.Atlanta bartlett 4. Atlanta bartlett 5.Real Simple, 6. real Simple 7.Mine-FL Rocking Chair 8.Atlanta Bartlett 9.Mine- wild chickory 10. mine- Froggy 11.real Simple 12. Mine- Ashby 13.Atlanta Bartlett 14-16. Mine – family