Since Spring isn’t really doing its thing quickly enough for me, I am seriously craving green:

I love what plants do for rooms.  Sometimes when I look at magazine rooms and cover up the plants/ flowers in them, they seem pretty lifeless.  There’s something about a pretty explosion of green (no matter how small) that I just love.
Our house looks like a greenhouse right now because I picked up a ton of plants for the DC Design House and some upcoming photoshoots I’m doing with my good friend & photographer, Helen Norman next week.  This little orange tree will sit in a kitchen I recently finished with a vintage-styled green subway tile backsplash & dark walnut cabinets:
I found this cool pot at Merrifield Garden Center and filled it with this pretty little guy (I already forgot his name) for my room in the showhouse:
Love these moss pots:
And this gardenia is staying in my office for a while because it just smells like Heaven:
I picked up a bunch of herbs  & topiaries for another kitchen:
I truly love plants.  But I’m not very good with them.  They tend to die here.  My house is sort of like a plant hospice.
…BUT…  the other day my assistant Meghan said I had a “green thumb.”
I have played this compliment over and over in my head since then and even relayed it to my husband who argues she must have been being sarcastic.
I’m hoping I can change.  I’m really trying.
There are plants in my house that have been here since September.  Yay.
ps- loved all the comments from yesterday about vines.  It’s so fun to see that dialogue between the “romantics” and the “practicals.”  I definitely fall on the romantic side, but it’s sort of like eating cookie dough…  I’m sure once I got my first case of salmonella, I’d be done with cookie dough.
xoxo, Lauren

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