It’s been while since I’ve written and I hope you’re doing okay.  It’s been a whirlwind trying to figure out how to keep things going over here and sort of changing up the way we do things a bit at work during covid.  I’ve been really truly grateful for our new online shop during this time because we did have some projects put on hold.  Like most people, I’m finding myself thinking not only of all of the physical repercussions of the virus but also how it’s going to be affecting people for a long long time financially after it’s over.  I know of so many places that won’t be reopening when it’s over.

Right before the virus hit, we had been in the process of opening up a new shop in the Great Falls Village where my studio is and we put a hold on it because of everything…  but now we’re going for it…

Lauren LIess & Co.
The future Lauren Liess & Co. Shop- there have been many businesses in this building over the years that I’ve loved and seen come and go and I know this is going to be tough


And I am really excited but also totally scared due to the timing of everything.  We’re partnering with Unique Kitchens & Baths who makes my cabinetry collection and the shop will have a full-blown kitchen and bath showroom inside of it with on-staff designers.  We’ll be constantly changing things up with a new kitchen every 6 months or so and I’m really excited about it!!  I love love LOVE designing kitchens and we’re going to be doing a lot of them!!

a kitchen I recently designed for a client using my “Evermore” collection with UKB. Photo by Stacy Goldberg | Built by CarrMichael Construction


We’ll be carrying a lot of what’s for sale in the Lauren Liess & Co. online shop but will also have more vintage & one-of-a-kind and of course- furniture!!  I’m so excited about the apothecary section and we’re building the prettiest built-ins for it!!  We’re working with a local farm and are going to start doing “Friday Flowers” where customers can sign up to get a bouquet of farm fresh flowers for pick-up every Friday & Saturday.   I’m going be arranging (and I promise to share pics and videos!!) and putting bouquets together on Thursdays and we’re really hoping that it helps build a sense of community once this is all over.  We’ll be doing monthly events- chats, wine & cheese nights, chef prepared ticketed dinners, flower workshops, and art nights!!- as SOON as we safely can!!

In other news- My baby sister, Morgan, just started working for Lauren Liess & Co. on Monday!!!

one of my favorite pics of us taken before prom my junior year 🙂


She graduated from JMU last year and I am SO happy to have her aboard!!!

all grown up!


She’s going to be helping me do all the things I always want to get to and just can’t, so you can definitely expect to see more action around here in the near future!! 🙂   We’re bringing back HOMEWORK and are working on a few more new weekly blog series.  I’m also working on some fun ideas that really incorporate all of life at home- design, garden, food, flowers, clothing and music- and can’t wait to share it all with you!!

I’m off for the day but am sending you all so much love.  I know how hard this time has been on everyone and I hate that it’s taking a toll on so many and that there are so many people hurting.  Be safe and hugs.

and here’s a pic of a (rare sighting!) of our little angel at home.  (She’s in terrible two’s and it’s been REAL around here.)


Rory in one of her get-ups