We’re home from a long weekend at our family’s lake house and I could have stayed a whole month!!  (or 6!!)   In the midst of a serious renovation
at our new place (with no semblance of a kitchen) we’ve been eating out almost every single night, so it was SO NICE to have a kitchen this weekend.
We’ve been running at a pace that has made me wish for what I previously thought of as “crazy busy.” Our six year-old got really sick in the
car on the way down  (finally fever-free this afternoon!) so we ended up not sleeping much. It was one of those quiet cloudy fall weekends -where
the sky is moody and the trees are so bright in contrast- that calls for cozying up by fire and soup and all those wonderful fall things but really
just ends up in binge-watching netflix which is heaven.  We arrived sometime after midnight and then headed to the ER to take care of our #2,
but left today in a much better spot, ready to face the sawdust, noise, mayhem and general disorganization that is home right now.

{The light was so beautiful in the upstairs master bedroom- the bedroom we pretend is ours but that really won’t be until all of our kids sleep through
the night regularly and we don’t need to be down the hall from them/ so maybe never- that I took a few pics.}

I’d share the full before-and-after with you since I never have.  (It’s in my book but I haven’t hared it here.)  It’s one of my favorite
rooms ever to be in and I loved it even before we started. (pic below) It was a basic box with wall-to-wall-carpeting, two windows and two doors
leading to a deck that looks out over the water.  A door on the left led to a windowless bathroom that had a closet in it.  The views are
awesome so I wanted to keep the design simple and quiet.  If it makes any sense (hey synethesthetes!) I wanted the room to feel slow and low-pitched
so that the eye would just sort of pass over the inside to the outside and focus on the views.  .


Here’s the view of the room “before” from the doorway:


And here it is now:


We had nickelboard applied to the walls and painted them in Benjamin Moore’s “Swiss Coffee.”  I put the king-sized bed in front of the windows and
made the windows feel larger with shades mounted above them and double width panels mounted far outside the window trim.  People are often worried
about beds overlapping windows.   My goal whenever overlapping windows with beds (which happens fairly frequently) is to make sure I like the
intersection of the headboard and the window and that the proportion feels okay.  In this case the bed is low and takes up less than half of each
window, which I like.  Because I knew I would also have nightstands overlapping the windows which go low to the ground,  I went with a smaller
vintage pair that would silhouette nicely and be framed by the windows and basically just fit before the curtains started.

The vintage painting of the man in the corner is from my collection of “old man” paintings.  I realized I loved him too much to sell when someone
once asked what he cost when our design studio was open for retail.  The customer tried to bargain him down and I actually felt myself wanting
to RAISE the price as we spoke.  When she left I immediately took the price tag off the piece and felt relief that he was still mine.  (Needless
to say, retail & I were not a match.)  There’s a large hole in the piece that I originally thought I might fix but now don’t think
I will.  I like that it shows what it’s been through.

{A little sailor’s valentine box sits atop the nightstand.}

I have a thing for vintage lamps and these are probably one of my favorite pairs of lamps ever.  They’re 70s cut glass and I love how they seem to
glow from the sunlight. (You know those “if there was a fire” scenarios and living things/photos don’t count…)  The indigo batik on the bed
provides the only color in the room outside of the leaves.  The ottomans at the bottom of the bed were meant for suitcase unloading but are pretty
much there to extend the bed-jumping surface for our kids.  (I also thought the wood was a much warmer color tone when I ordered them and was
shocked when they came in so gray but ah vell.  You can check out my original plans for this room & the others here which show images of the items before they arrived.)


{This original tree rubbing by Linton Art is mounted with a plexiglass frame and screws
to the planked wall.  A sculptural willow reed chair is ridiculously weird & comfortable.

I think I love the room so much because I’m in vacation mode when I’m there and I have such positive feelings about the house, and because of the gorgeous
natural light.  The room just has this pretty glow to it.  (And I am WRACKING my brain for a way to get more light into our new master bedroom!)


I’ll share more pics and details of the bathroom another day but wanted to give you a quick update on our place.  We’ve completely moved in and are
functioning.  Our things are piled in everywhere we can find space- the garage/ basement/ living room with lots of drywall down/ gutted spaces.
We don’t have full electricity yet (we’re finishing lots of unfinished spaces so had to cap off things in the meantime.)  Here’s our kitchen:

{A pair french casement windows will flank a centered range.  The framing for the cabinetry is in as you can see.}

We’ve had some fun on our little fire pit.  Here’s lunch last weekend:

Time’s flying and we’re loving getting to know our property.  I’m obsessed with a ginko tree in our front yard:


I had no idea they lost all of their leaves at once!! It’s amazing!! The tree had been a bright, glowing yellow all week and we came home to this (above.)
It’s unreal.  I love being at a house the first year and seeing what happens outside.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing the bedroom before-and-after, and I’ll be back soon to share the adjoining bathroom!

*professional photos of bedroom by Helen Norman.  Blurry iphone pics by me 😉