We’re getting closer and closer to being finished with my dad’s lake house project!!  I wanted to share a bit of the plans with you.  We’re in the process finalizing architectural details, ordering hardware, plumbing, lighting & furnishings.  I’m on the hunt for a few more vintage items and art.  I’m using a lot of my favorite things from our studio and am getting really excited!!!
For anyone who this is new to, my dad – who lives in IL- recently bought a lake house only a few hours away from our house so that he could be closer to us and so that we could all have a fun place to hang.  He’s not planning on living there full-time just yet but is hoping to eventually retire there.  We plan to spend a lot of time there on weekends and during the summer.  My dad’s a big fisherman and loves taking everyone out boating, fishing, and skiing.  (Speaking of, has anyone heard of flyboarding?!!!!  AM DYING TO TRY IT!!!!!! )
For an introduction to the project, click here.
For details on the kitchen design, click here.
So anyway, here we go:
The great room of the house is where almost everything’s at.  Getting the details right in here is really important because it sets the tone for the whole place.  The railings in the great room are a major feature and so I wanted them to be really special and to feel really different from what we have at home.
Doors and windows line the back of the house for a view of the cove.    The three awkward “stepped” windows in the photo below are being replaces with three sets of french doors that open to teensy juliet balconies.
After mulling it over and looking at hundreds of photos of stairs, and trying to come up with a solution that would least hinder the views and make everything feel as open as possible, I settled on railings with horizontal cables similar to this:
It will really expose that loft space above the great room and I think the horizontal lines feel a bit coastal.  It’s SO different from our iron railings at home and I love that when we visit, it will feel like such a different place.
The house’s new color scheme is primarily whites, grays, blacks and blues.   This rug sort of epitomizes it:
After ruminating more on the kitchen- plan below-  I decided to go with bluestone countertops and backsplashes.
The more I looked at the fireplace stone, the more I knew I needed to pull in a gray stone for a happy relationship between the LR and kitchen.  I’m also loving the idea of having something really different from what I have at home.  I like trying out new materials and always feel best about it when it’s for a family project so I can give real-life experience feedback to clients considering it.   The blue stone is extremely dense and though honed, isn’t quite as smooth feeling as a soapstone or marble.  I’ll be using it in a master bathroom too.
I’m on the fence about what will be flanking the back window on the walls.  Originally, I was thinking shelves but the angles somehow make the walls feel closer to your face when you’re in the room and we have enough storage that it doesn’t need to be functional.  A wall light will be centered on each of the back three walls. (above the window and blank walls.)  I’m playing with lots of ideas for different types or racks and of course possibly old paintings because, though I have that in my kitchen at home, I really love it.
Throughout the house, there will be lots of polished nickel with zinc and some iron, and brass thrown in. (We pretty much have it all, shocking, I know 😉
These fun striped sconces by schoolhouse electric will replace the existing sconces going up the stairs and will also flank the new french doors in the loft overlooking the LR:
And, thanks so some amazing readers, in particular Jill Danyelle, I settled on a large arc’d floor lamp in lieu of a chandelier over the dining table.  I just couldn’t get on board with how long the chain would need to be and also wanted the flexibility of being able to move the table.  (I can’t thank you all enough for your suggestions and help!! thank you thank you!!! 🙂
I decided on a long banquette slipcovered in black linen to go on one side of the table with its back near the stairs at most times:
[This is the main reason a hanging chandelier wouldn’t work.. it would be too tight against the stairs.}
A set of vintage rattan chairs will go around a long custom trestle table by the Lorimer Workshop.
Bar  stools and an old sculptor’s stand:
This leather and rattan vintage rocker and my grandparents’ Mid-Century cocktail table will find a home there:
In my bedroom, I found a large  indigo batik tapestry for a throw on the bed.  I’m mixing warm woods with jute, whites, blues and charcoals throughout the room:
The crazy pebbles you see above on the right will be on the floors in our bathroom.  They’re set in this smooth glossy resin. So excited!!!
Here’s a little sampling of some of the lighting throughout by Barn Light & Schoolhouse, and some of the plumbing and hardware:
In the walkout basement, we’ve turned a tiny office into a bunk room for the boys with built-in bunk beds and shiplap walls.   Their room takes a warmer turn than the rest of the house, inspired by a green vintage educational chart of fish.  Mossy green US army blankets and navy star sheets for the beds… and I’m working on a new fabric design in blue for pillows.  The vintage rug I found just fit in the room and I love it!!  (I have a vintage/ antique rug problem.)  We have a vintage yellow lamp at home (not pictured, but same color as lamp pictured by West Elm) which will add a little jolt to the room.
So the craziest things about this project is that my dad has seen NOTHING.  I mean literally nada.  He’s never even stepped foot in the house.  It’s hard for him to get away from work and so Dave & I house hunted in person and facetime’d him and sent photos.  He decided on this house and I was thrilled!! (It was my favorite house we looked at- and the very first one- but I’d strongly urged him to get a different, newer house that was completely “finished”  so that he could start enjoying it right away…  That house would have killed me because I would have wanted to trick it out so badly & we wouldn’t have been able to, but I thought it would be less stressful on my dad if he bought something that was “done.”  But us Maestranzi’s seem to do nothing the easy way, and he bought the fixer upper.  WOOOHOOOO!!! )
My dad’s been too busy to be involved in the process at all and so I’ve taken the lead.  The entire thing will be a surprise to him- unless he checks my blog which I’m doubting he’ll get to- when he sees it this Easter.  I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HIM WALK IN TO THIS HOUSE!!!  I’ve pulled a little bit more modern in than he might be comfortable with, but he says he’s open to it so we’ll just have to see.  Hie bedroom is slightly more traditional and I think he’ll love it.  He wants it to feel “nautical” so I’m doing my best to go there without the cheese.  This type of project is incredibly satisfying.  We’ll be shooting the house in March,  just in time to make it into my book, due out this Fall!!!  The thing I love about having a deadline like this- the way I do on work projects-  is that I’m forced to dedicate the time to the project.  No loose ends and you just get to go there and “be” and relax because it’s all done.  I can’t wait!!
#4’s due date is looming closer and closer. (3.5 months to go and time’s flying.)  I’ve been feeling pretty good but have PGP which is so not fun (but totally normal for me.. I’ve had it with all of my kids and it’s nothing to worry about) and definitely slows me down a bit.  The only thing that seems to help is staying off my feet and that just isn’t going to happen.  We have a crazy schedule ahead of us up through mid-April – with installations, photoshoots, book editing, and some cool projects in the works- and then I’m OUT with the little one for a few months.  I’ll be back at work in Fall with the book coming out and then back to “normal.”  Am really enjoying all this mayhem right now but am definitely going to be ready to exhale when the time comes.  Dave has been seriously amazing like usual.  (I know no one wants to hear about mushy stuff but he’s honestly the reason things actually get done…  he just seems to make things happen and gets things done.  It’s awesome.) And Meghan, my #2 our & other designer, has also been crazy amazing at work.  (also, like usual)  Don’t know what I’d do without these two…  They definitely make fun of me more than anyone I know- we’re like a weird little family- but their support and hard work are what keeps me going.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this peek at what’s to come in the lake house!! Will keep you posted!!