It Sounds Warmer Out…

This morning when I woke up, it was just a little better.  My shades were down but I could hear the birds!!  Chirping like they should be!!  (Under the crying/ yelling of my two year-old who had just woken up on the wrong side of bed in his bedroom.)


There was more light at 6:40 AM than yesterday and it’s seeming to get better each morning.  Could it really be here??

I’m afraid to open the shades, because I know there will be puddles of muddy snow and a mudpit of a yard to look at, so for now I’m just chillin in bed with #1 (Christian, our 2 year-old) and I hear #2 (Our two-month old, Justin) starting to squalk in his nursery.

I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for these:

…  I did see red buds on our maple tree last week so it’s on its way!!!

Are you as ready for Sring as I am???
 When I was a little kid, my grades used to drop a little in the Spring.  I looked out the windows more and rushed through my homework.  In the second grade, my teacher, Sister Marian, called my mom in for a chat about my grades.  (They were usually straight-As but she’d noticed that my work wasn’t as good.)   She thought maybe my parents’ divorce was having an effect on me.  (I was 2 years old when they’d split up so it had been 6 years and honestly I’d never known what life was like with married parents.)  My mom listened patiently and then simply explained that I got a little less into school in the Spring.  Call it “Spring Fever” if you will,  but it’s almost got me now.  (And it “gets me,” it’s that strong.)  I can’t wait!!
Anyone else got a feva???
ps- I need more cowbell!!  (Saturday night Live)
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