It’s Monday and we’ve go a new HOMEWORK up- the cloth napkin hack!

our blush linen napkins from the shop

We’ve pretty much converted to using cloth napkins over here for almost all dinners + some lunches (breakfast? I don’t even know if a paper towel is used at that point 🤷‍♀️ ) and it’s been a pretty easy transition. I bought more napkins than we used to have (I have 3 per person now) to helped ensure we always have clean reserves.  It feels prettier and slower and I feel better about not using as many paper towels. 

Whenever I share pics of our dinner tables or napkins, I get lots of messages asking how much of a pain washing cloth napkins is. Do we iron our linen napkins? How are they not a rumpled mess? And the answer is- ain’t nobody got time to iron napkins around here!! – BUT -our napkins aren’t a total rumpled mess and here’s how. (A few hacks for keeping your cloth napkins looking almost-ironed so you don’t have to be afraid of linen 😉) To watch this week’s HOMEWORK, go here! 🤍 This week share your pretty table settings with pressed-ish looking cloth napkins at #ididmyhomework 🤍 Happy homework!And here’s a quick rundown of some of the goods shared in the post/ episode.  My shirt is an oldie (from Abercrombie I think?) and my jeans are the mom jeans– currently sold out with more arriving in November.  Our napkins are the stonewashed linen dinner napkins and I’m obsessed.  They come in a few different colors:

set of 4 stonewashed linen dinner napkins


We have a few other napkins in the shop, including black ones which hide EVERYTHING:

shop here











The gluggle on the table is a crowd pleaser:

shop here














The “eau mineral” water glasses are what we use for our daily drinking glasses:

shop here














And on a side note… I love that perfect blush pink with a HINT of peach in it, and when I saw my friend Brooke Gianetti’s new blush pink sleeveless dress (below) that matched my napkins exactly, I was instantly obsessed (hello comfortable, easy, gorgeous linen dress that you can wear anywhere!!!!) and I asked her if we could carry her beautiful products in the shop.  She thankfully, said “yes” and I am beyond excited and honored to be carrying some incredible pieces by Giannetti Home in the shop!!  

Happy time with Love & Story.  shop the blush dress here. We have silver linen arriving soon!
























Aurora’s dress was a splurge but she wears it all the time and it’s so timeless I picture grandkids wearing it one day.  I feel like we’re living in another slower, quieter time when we’re all wrapped in linen: 

shop the old-fashioned ivory striped linen dress



















Headed off for the day- I’m deep-diving into writing my next book right now and just praying good things come out so send some good vibes my way!!  Hope you have a happy Monday & sending love!!