I hope you had a great weekend!  We were able to get some good time outside and work in the gardens. We filmed HOMEWORK in the chicken garden, and our chickens & geese made an appearance. 


Fall is here and I want to make the most of my herbs before winter so for this week’s HOMEWORK we put our herbs to use in the chicken coop! I’ve harvested & dried a bunch of herbs and now they’re ready to be stored for use in the chicken coop and goose pen and for teas and things inside the house.   I combined what we had- sage, mint, rose petals, and oregano- to make an herbal mix for sprinkling in the chicken coop, goose pen, and in their nesting boxes, which helps keep them smelling good, keeps pests away, and helps keep the birds healthy, naturally, without the use of antibiotics.   (Other herbs to harvest for natural pest control are verbena, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, etc.) So this week for HOMEWORK -whether you have birds or not- make something useful with herbs, whether they’re from the grocery store or your garden! 


they make such a beautiful arrangement!


To watch the new HOMEWORK episode on YOUTUBE go here. And I’ve had so much fun seeing what everyone’s been making for HOMEWORK!! Like always, if you do a HOMEWORK project, you can post on Instagram and tag with #ididmyhomework so we can all see what you’re up to!

have a great week!

xo Lauren

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