I’ve been making homemade baked french fries lately (a friend mentioned it and I wanted to try too!) and when I came across these little disposable french fry and hot dog & hamburger containers on sale at Target a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t resist.  I love putting food on the table in a way that gets our kids excited:
We did lean hot dogs (attempted wheat buns but still not the healthiest 😉 and basil burgers with our fries.
{The boys are used to patiently waiting for their food as their ridiculous mother takes pictures of the food= The life of a blogger’s child}
We have so much basil in our garden this year so it goes in pretty much everything.  We put it into the lean beef before cooking & then I sprinkled more fresh boxwood basil (which I love because you don’t have to chop) on top along with cheddar, fresh onions, tomatoes and spinach.  I used flat wheat bread to try to make it a little better but the cheddar on those bad boys is the real deal:
To make the fries, I cut potatoes into fry-sized pieces, coat an oven pan with olive oil spray, toss the fry pieces on the pan with a little more olive oil and top with sea salt.  Then I keep them in there (somewhere around 400 degrees)  until they start looking like fries:
Then I popped them into the fun little packages!  (But normally, they go on a plate or I cut up brown grocery bags to make little containers for the boys.)
Sometimes I add parsley or Old Bay or garlic.  (Yum!)
I’m off for the day but hope you enjoyed this little display of junk food from our house to yours!!   (It’s better than McDonald’s though, right??? 😉 😉
Have a great day!!

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