To prepare for our move to the new house, we packed up a bunch of stuff in a POD and sent it off to storage until we move.  A lot of it was attic stuff, seasonal decorations, etc. but some of it was stuff that got pretty prime real estate in our house.

There was a lot of stuff in there…  and I’m sure some of it means something to me…  but I kind of don’t want it back.

Here’s an instagram coversation with my friend Seleta that pretty much explains my feelings:

laurenliess: House is all clean (with a bunch of junk in storage.) wish we could always live like this!

simplyseleta: Such declutter beauty.  We need to toss at least 50% of our “stuff” to put it in ladylike terms.

laurenliess:  we put all of our stuff in a pod and i secretly want to blow up the pod.

simplyseleta:  same here!!  You blow up mine, I’ll blow up yours, ha ha!


{image from here}

Do we all feel this way?????

And what can we do to fix it??

Every time I move (which is becoming fairly frequent!) I tell myself I don’t want a lot of “stuff.”  I am contstantly getting rid of things,  giving away toys and clothes and trying to keep clutter from coming in.  But it does anyway.  It’s like that blob movie they used to show clips of on Muppet Babies.


I’ve accumulated too many towels & linens (I guess I get new ones to replace the messed up ones & then forget to get rid of the old ones)  too many vases (why??? when I pretty much only use mason jars, pitchers or beakers?!!!) too many boxed foods & kitchen condiments that never get made or used and the number of unmatching sippy cups to lids is absurd!!!

There are too many clothes that I don’t look good in taking up room in my drawers and closets, cleaning supplies I forget we have, and I have toiletries to last me (and a few of my closest friends) a lifetime!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

{Queen Hoarder}
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I have got to STOP.  (or start giving away faster.)

We have very little storage in our new house.  Our new house is 200 square feet smaller than our current one.  We have a garage and an out-of-the-way attic and a teensy tiny bit of storage in our miniscule laundry room room… but nothing really to speak of.

The one thing I’ve noticed about my decluttering patterns… They come in phases. Every other month or so I wake up on a Saturday and tear through the house, creating a massive “giveaway” pile.
But this time, I ( really!) don’t want to mess around with my stuff.  I don’t want to keep sending my stuff from room to room.  helllllllllp!!!!!!

I need a refresher to keep me disciplined!!  What are your best junk-busters?  And storage tips too!  Let’s get a good tip list going!!