{a snippet of the exterior facelift we did for our last house}

We’re currently in the process of selecting clients to work with for our new HGTV show, Best House on the Block!    We’re looking for homeowners who want us to redesign their more generic/ basic homes and turn them into something totally unique and special.  

{the family lake house kitchen overhaul we did}

 I love getting to know my clients, helping them figure out their style & attain a more functional, livable home, and am SO excited about this
opportunity!!  The design process is very similar to the process we undertake for our current clients with one MAJOR exception: the homeowners
on the TV show will all be completely surprised by the reveal!!  This is SO MUCH FUN but it really takes clients
who have 100% trust in my understanding of their needs, style and wishes.

{Kelly & David, from Episode 1, ready to see the inside of their home for the first time!}

{I think it was worth it!! 🙂 }

The show is about renovation but it’s also about decorating and creating a home that’s easy to live in, so lots of thought & care will also go into
creating beautiful, livable furniture plans with cool pieces I’ve collected, both old & new.

If you or anyone you know is interested in being on the show, we’d love to hear from you!!   (My apologies because the formatting of this post
from her on out is a bit wonky & I just couldn’t figure out how to fix it!)

To be eligible you must:

– Currently own a home in the Northern Virginia- D.C.- Maryland Metro area

– Want us to take your basic home and turn it into something unique

– Have a renovation budget for your project

– Be willing to move out of the house during a 5-12 week renovation period

– Be fun & outgoing and be willing to be on TV

– Be 100% okay with being surprised and have total trust in my vision for your home

{Kelly & David’s new kitchen from Episode 1}



Some of the most frequently asked questions that came up during casting from our pilot:

Q: Do I have to pay for the renovation?

A: Yes.  There are some definite perks including major discounts, incredibly fast renovation timelines, and some (amazing!!) freebies, but the
homeowner must have a renovation budget in line with their project.

Q: Do I have to be on camera and do the cameras follow me around?

A: You would be on camera, but you would always know when you were being filmed.  (The cameras don’t follow you around your daily life. There
are set times for when filming will occur.)

Q: Do I get to keep the furniture, art & accessories?

A: Some of it will be given to you (here’s where those amazing freebies come in!!) and some of it will be available for you to purchase, so
it’s whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Q: Will you work with my existing furnishings?

A: Yes! This show isn’t about buying all new things and I love it when clients have great pieces, so I will work in existing furnishings that I think
will look & feel amazing into the final design plan.

{The living room design for Episode 1 included existing pieces mixed with new ones}

To submit your home for consideration, email   BHOTBcasting@gmail.com  with:









INCLUDE PHOTOS OF: You (& your family/partner)/ House Exterior/Rooms

****Only those who are in the running will be contacted by the production company, Collins Avenue, and just as a quick FYI, David & I will not be selecting clients (our production company
does this.)

Thank you so much, again, to all of you who sent kind messages/ support to us & HGTV about Best House on the Block!  We could never have done this without you!!