I’m not gonna lie.  What’s going on in my living room (above) is making me yearn a bit for Spring.  My paperwhites are shooting up (I still have to make a run to the liquor store for some alcohol to add to the water to keep the stalks from being too leggy-  we’re all out since I’ve been pregnant haha!- and we don’t have any rubbing alcohol.)  and I pulled out some throw pillows in a vintage-inspired floral I’ve had for years.  (It pays to have a ton of fabrics in my favorite color -GREEEEEEEEEN- around 😉

Have a beautiful weekend & if you have any free time, maybe give Project #1 a shot & be sure to send me a pic if you do!! (Sadly I only have 1 right now but it’s a beauty!! I’ll need the pics by Sun evening if you want them in the post on Monday 🙂  Enjoy the weekend!!!