My morning has been interesting…  it began with our car not starting (due to it being parked on an incline in our driveway) and sort of ended at the car whizzing towards my husband while I tried to jump back in after we’d added not-quite-enough gas.  Thank goodness the car hit the two bales of hay we’ve been meaning to remove since Halloween (Yay for a disgusting level of procrastination!!) which stopped it from plummeting the woods.  It’s been fun.



Anyway, many of you have mentioned that you’d like me to post when we have new things at the shop so I thought I’d share a little of what we’ve got going on.   I’m always changing things around and bringing in new one-of-a-kinds (pic above) so things are always a little different.  I love playing in the shop and wish I had more time for it!!  Here’s a quick pic I snapped of my favorite “living room” in the shop right now. (below) I purchased lots of extra vintage botanical specimens so I could replace them when they sold but we’re all out of extras  so what’s here is what we’ve got left…  (I’m going to have to bring some home soon 😉 😉


And I know Spring is nowhere near here but I brought in some vibrant blues because I’m getting in the mood!!  (Besides, aren’t retail people supposed to be ridiculously ahead seasons-wise???  I get it now.)

I love the little vintage brass gazelle bookends we found recently…



The pile of vintage French flea market baskets adds some pretty texture in the front window…


{sitting atop my FAVORITE vintage Kilim}

We’ve got more kantha quilts…



… and found turtle shells…



I’m crazy about this vibrant Japanese sake jug:





And I love using old dough bowls to corral my books & magazines… (below)



And we got another shipment of Waxing Kara’s Body Butter in!!  This stuff is sooooo good.  Kara is a beekeeper & artist on the Eastern Shore and has the most incredible products.



This antique mirror has the prettiest finish:



…And I love some of the new (old) French-glazed pottery we have in the shop:


And of course, like this guy…


… I can’t resist a good set of antlers:


And thank you to so many of you who’ve stopped by!

As an FYI, I’m rarely on the shop floor during the weekdays so if you visit Monday- Friday you’ll most likely see David (my husband) or Meghan (our designer) who will be more than happy to help you.   (Meghan has an amazing eye and is there working with me every step of the way in our clients’ projects so you’ll love her.)  While I would LOVE to be able to be in the shop to visit, I’m typically in client meetings, on installations, and working on projects so we have someone else working the floor.  (However, when we open for our special Saturdays, it’s me you’ll see.)

I’m off for the day but hope you enjoyed seeing what’s in the shop and are able to ease into your Monday better than I was!!