I spent the weekend in High Point for Market and am in LA right now for our big installation at Greystone Mansion for Maison de Luxe. (woohooo!!!)  The
past week has been surreal  & I wanted to share some bits of it with you!!


{My very first book signing at J.McLaughlinin Georgetown… so much fun!!! }


{me & Dave just before the party started.}


{goofing off with Helen Norman, my good friend & the talent behind the photos of Habitat}


{A talk I gave at High Point Market on Sunday about the process of writing the book & getting it published at The Barn on Sweetwood, owned by my good friends Steph & Denise.  Everyone was just so nice &
made me feel really at ease.}


{Gisele’s first plane trip… On the way to LA yesterday for the Maison de Luxe Install}


I wanted to thank you so much for all of the support with the book.  I’ve never felt so overwhelmingly thankful like this… Or I guess the last time
I felt this way was probably at my wedding.  So many of you and so many friends & acquaintances & social media friends have said nice
things, sent sweet emails, shared photos and reviews and comments on the HABITAT and I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve received SO MANY
GORGEOUS photos of the book in your homes & that is so exciting!!!  I absolutely love seeing it paired with friends’ beautiful books like
Eddie Ross’ Modern Mix, Erin Gates’ Elements of Style & Emily Hernderson’s Styled.
(All are STUNNING if you haven’t read them!!)

Here’s a look at all of the fun pics that have been showing up under the book’s hashtags #HABITATBOOK #HABITATFIELDGUIDE on Instagram:




I love seeing how different everyone’s styles are… how they make Habitat their own.  There have been so many beautiful ones &
I’ll be sharing more during the book tour, but here are a few that I thought you might love seeing for now.  (I know it’s not a Friday but my
schedule’s all out of whack right now!)  Also, all of these Instagrammers have gorgeous galleries so if you’re not already following
them, be sure to check them out!!









And…we’re having another book party in DC soon at Varnish Lane Nail Salon!! If you missed the last party (or want to keep partying! 😉 I would love to
see you!!

{I absolutely adore the owners who consulted with us on the design of the salon, which you can read about here!  Varnish Lane is really special & I’m so happy
that it’s taken off.}


We’re in the process of adding to the book tour (yay!) and now have plans to visit Atlanta, Philadelphia, along with NYC.I’ll be sure to keep you posted
on dates!  To buy the book, go here.
Anyway, I’m off for the day for the showhouse install and will be sharing pics of our progress on Instagram over the next couple of days.

Again, I just want to thank you so much for being so positive & supportive with the book.  I’m truly overwhelmed.  Thank you from the bottom
of my heart.