…I’m in my new office!!  (Which I think sounds way cooler as “studio” hahahah)  The paint was barely dry last  night when Dave & I started moving things in.  Luke (our almost-5 month old was sleeping- thankfully- so we were able to get a ton done.)  I CANNOT BELIEVE this day is here.  I’m soooooo happy.  (And my left eye is twitching from lack of sleep.)

We have a central work/ conference table for projects & meetings:


Almost all of the walls (& ceilings in our home) are in “ancient ivory” by Benjamin Moore.  It’s ivory that feels neither too warm or too cool with our things.  I love it against all of the modern black window frames in the house.
Here’s where I’m sitting as I type:
{my desk…  I love the old blue but I think I’m having it stripped for more natural wood}
That’s a pair of massive fig trees outside my open window.  Many of the windows in our house are fogged up (the seals are broken) but I’m still crazy about them.  (We’ll be replacing them as soon as we can.)
Here’s where I’ll honestly get the majority of my work done:


(It’s a vintage faux zebra… please don’t email me!  😉

I love working from a couch…  It sounds weird, but I like to get all cozy when I’m working on projects.  I think its where my creativity seems to flow best haha…  I’ve come up with at least 75% of my textile designs while sitting on a sofa with a blanket.  (Most of the others were done in the car on road trips 😉

We have lots to add to the space- art, curtains, shelving, boards, etc., but it feels so good to be out of the garage and into the house!!

I’m off to go pick up some shelving from our storage unit so we can finished getting set up.  Fingers crossed the rain holds off or the shelves will be getting a bit of a “weathered” finish!


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