Green Eggs & Ham is one of my favorite children’s books.  For years I’ve been meaning to do a green eggs & ham breakfast, but have never gotten around to it.  (I wanted to do this even before I had kids… I know, I have issues.)  I imagined putting a few drops of green food coloring into the eggs until I had THE BEST green eggs & ham at the Hyatt.  They used pesto in the eggs for the green & it was Heaven!!

A week or two ago we decided to try our own minus the ham.  (Because we didn’t have any.)  My three year old Christian got the book out to read it & enjoyed helping me make the pesto.  I didn’t add enough pesto to really get them as green as I wanted, but they were green.  We used them for hair on Christian’s face plate:

{I know how gross the eggs look in this pic, but I promise they were good.}
I love making food from kids’ stories because the little guys just get so excited.  They help and they eat every last bite.
My dad watched this whole situation take place and when I broke the camera out & said I might end up putting it on the blog, he said “wow, you must be strapped for ideas.”
hahahaha  ah vell, I guess it doesn’t float everyone’s boat.
…Now that I’m looking at the picture in the book above, I wonder how you’d get the ham green???

xoxo, Lauren

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