For a while now, I’ve been thinking of writing an irregular blog series, called “Gracious People.”  In my line of work and in my life, I come across lots of insanely talented and incredible people…  People whose work I admire and drool over.    But there are also those people I come across, whose talents I not only admire, but who’s spirit I admire as well.  I’m struck by how kind and open they are.  People who uplift, encourage and inspire.  These people are secure and generous and want the best for those around them.  They’re, in a word, gracious.  I could go on forever about how talented these people are, but I’ll let the photos I share speak for themselves and tell you of my own personal experiences with them and how they’ve inspired me to be better.

{Patrick Sutton}

For my first “Gracious People” post, I wanted to tell you about our friend, designer Patrick Sutton.  I met Patrick a few years ago when we both decorated rooms in the DC Design House.  Being one of the newer designers, I was incredibly nervous to be doing a room there.  Patrick Sutton’s gorgeous living room was pretty much the star of the show that year, but meeting him, you could see there wasn’t an ounce of diva in him.  He was one of the nicest people I’d met, meaningfully commenting on the room others had designed and what he liked about them.  He instantly makes people feel comfortable and never puts on airs.  He’s very real though.

Anytime, we run into Patrick at a party, he’s sure to introduce us to those he’s chatting with, even mentioning things to them like, “her project is on the cover of this magazine” or “Lauren’s a very talented designer.”  This may sound normal to you, but in this business, it’s not.  So whenever it does happen, I take notice.  (Half the time people are trying to pitch projects or meet so and so or see so and so, and I get that.  But with some people, it’s different, and it sets them apart.)

Patrick is the real deal, as you can see from the few photos of his work I’ve included:

My husband, David, and I ran into Patrick at this most recent Market and after we chatted with him all night,  I knew it was time to get this blog series going.  Patrick shared lots of insight into the design industry and business with us, along with lots of laughs & wedding pics of his gorgeous wife.

What I’ve learned most from Patrick is that I want to be uplifting to other people around me in the industry and to be sure that if I’m ever in a situation where I can help others make a connection and go places in their careers, that I do.  He’s incredibly good at it and I think it’s because he’s so secure within himself, so gracious.

To see more of Patrick’s work, and read about his (also super sweet!) team check out his website here.