{Our Kitchen Garden}

I CANNOT BELIEVE how quickly Summer’s flying by!!!  Crazy.  I haven’t gotten the chance to spend as much time in our vegetable garden as I did last year, but – although the weeds are close to conquering it-  it’s still my little happy place and I try to get in there as much as possible.

A week or so ago, I was contacted by someone from the Ball Brand, asking if I’d like to have some {free} products for review and to giveaway.  I rarely do product reviews & giveaways (pretty much unless I think I’m going to LOVE something and really want it) but this was one of those times because the products were right up my alley.  I was waaaay too excited when my box of goodies arrived because it was filled with the new GREEN Heritage collection of jars!!!  We already have the aqua ones and use them a lot at home, mostly for drinking out of (I got rid of all of the lids) and I see them fairly often out shopping, but I’d never seen the green ones before.


{The Ball Brand Goodies: 2 cases of Green jars, 5 Blade Herb Scissors & Dry Herb Jars}

I love the herb scissors…  I’m not really a gadget person and don’t have many, but these guys are great for quick snipping of herbs in salads & dishes.  I haven’t tried drying my own herbs yet but popped some of the dried herbs from my spice drawer- which is terribly disorganized- into the herb jars because they’re lower than my spice jars and can fit in the drawer standing up & take up less room:



{dried lavender}

They sent us a book on preserving & canning so I might attempt it this Fall with our tomatoes.  My absolute FAVORITE THINGS THOUGH- are the Ball jars themselves.  I used them for drinking & for arrangements, and now, “to go” cups.  We make a smoothie for the family every morning.  Dave & I usually take them to go and drink them on the way to work together for breakfast.  We don’t have any “to go” cups (weird, I know) so we normally just bring a glass from the kitchen but now, the smaller size Ball jars are the perfect for our smoothies!!  When we’re finished drinking them, we put the lids back on and don’t have to  worry about the old smoothie glass dripping in our car. (Taking them home & washing them at the end of the day is oh so appetizing 😉


                         {Pear Kale Parsley Pineapples & Banana Smoothies “To Go”}

The Ball Brand is hosting the 4th annual Can-It-Forward, a day full of workshops on canning, gardening & food and they asked me to help get the word out.  You can participate online or in NYC.  

DETAILS:  Saturday, August 16, for International Can-It-Forward Day Hosted by judge of Bravo’s Top Chef Hugh Acheson.  Click here for more info.


Anyway, I’m loving my goodies & if you’re interested in entering the giveaway for a chance to win the whole kit, just answer the question below in the comments section.  I’ll be picking a winner by random next week.

Here are the Giveaway Goodies:  Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Jars- 2 cases: 1 lg pckg/ 1 small pckg, Dry Herb jars, Herb Keeper, 5- Blade Herb scissors, Preserving Book


QUESTION: WHAT WOULD YOUR SUPER POWER BE & WHY???  (Besides being able to heal others because I kind of feel like we’d all probably choose that one)