…And we thought he might enjoy some carrots!
I’ve had this yellow carrot silk (below) for ages (7-8 years?) and have been meaning to do something with it ever since I purchased it.  It’s now finally made its way into a special-occasion pillow.  (Special occasion because on most days we’re not fit for silk on the sofa 😉
When I was figuring out the color scheme for our living room, it was really important to me that I go with something neutral enough to handle almost any other color.  The crazy green does the trick & I’m loving it with yellow.  Below, we prepared a little snack for the East Bunny in the beautiful antique “Baby” mug that Eddie & Jaithan gave us when Justin was born:
One of our (ok my 😉 favorite illustrators is Lisa McCue.  Her animals look so soft & fuzzy that  you almost want to touch them.  (TOOO  CUTE!!!)  We set out Bunny’s Noisy Book under the carrots in case the Easter Bunny wants to stay a while…
At 2 and a half, my older son, Christian, is really getting into holidays & it’s just so much fun.  This morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at our local high school where my husband teaches and it was crazy.  They roped off an area filled with Easter eggs and then all of the kids (our age bracket was walking- to 3 yr olds) started at the same time & raced in to get as many eggs in their baskets as they could.  (No parents allowed in the roped off hunting grounds.)  Christian was getting quite the stockpile of eggs going and I noticed that some of the newer walkers had no idea what was going on… so I called to Christian to pick up an egg and give it to a nearby little toddling girl.  (All of the parents were shouting & cheering at this point- about 15 seconds into it)   He picked up the egg and put it in his bag.  I thought maybe he had misunderstood me.  Her parents were next to me and cheering her on.  I tried again.  He picked up the egg and again snapped it up in his bag for himself.  This probably would’ve been a good place to stop but I didn’t…   But as I directed him again and he again stole another egg from this little girl’s reaching distance,  I got it:  My kid wasn’t going to be sharing any eggs today.  This was a contest!   A couple of seconds later, a bunch of parents stormed the hunting grounds and pretty much ended everything.  Parents rushed around other kids to ensure their own toddlers got eggs.  I waited back behind the ropes and overheard a guy next to me say, “Well, at least the kids behaved.” ha! It was crazy mob mentality and Christian just looked at me wide-eyed like “what is going on??!!”  (The whole “hunt” lasted less than a minute.)  He came out of the ring and we went off to take a picture with the Easter “Dog”– don’t ask ’cause I don’t know why:
And this little guy below (3 month old Justin) has no idea what’s going on, but I thought I’d include a new pic anyway since he’s getting so big:
So I hope you have a Happy Easter and/ or Happy Passover!!  –From our family to yours.

ps- Dying eggs tonight- shoud be interesting;) 😉