This long weekend was a-mazing in that we really did nothing other than relax and trash our house as a family, clean it and then retrash it.   Dave & I went on a date to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. We read to the kids by the fire, cooked and hung out.   = Heaven to me.

Fall is here and we’re harvesting an incredible amount of food from our kitchen garden so I’ve started making weekly soups. One of our house favorites is Stone Soup:


A client of mine mentioned “bone broth” to me and I am completely sold on the health benefits of it.  (I’m going to try to have us all drink a cup a day whenever it’s around.)  We’ve gone through periods of making our own broth at home from chicken bones but I had no idea that to really receive all of the nutrients from the bones, the broth needs to simmer for an incredibly long time. (24+ hours!!) So this weekend, I started my first batch of bone broth.  We started out with our “cooking stone” and then I filled a pot with chicken bones, water, carrots, celery, garlic, onions, squash, herbs from the garden and French sorrel (the leaves in the pics)…

We brought the pot to a boil and then I let it simmer for over 24 hours.  (A crockpot is on my wish list! 😉  We’ve stolen a bowl or two (and it’s delicious) but it’s still simmering for dinner tonight.  The house smells so good and it feels warm and cozy with the soup on!!

So…  This Week’s Pure Style Home Fall Challenge is to make some homemade soup.  To participate, make your soup, style it and snap a picture.  Email it to me with the recipe at  and next week, I’ll share some of the photos & recipes.  (I could honestly look at photos of food for hours so I’m really excited to get this week’s batch of photos. !!)  If you’re up for it, I suggest giving the bone broth a try.  (And if you’re not up for sharing pics, feel free to participate on your own.)

And…  I wanted to share some cozy photos from last week’s challenge which was to get out your Fall throw blankets.  (Yes, I realize these challenges aren’t earth shattering… Typing that sentence felt a bit ridiculous, but it’s the little things, right? ; )  I loved getting little peeks into readers’ homes and wanted to share:

First up is a photo from Michelle.  Michelle’s blanket was a wedding gift form her Australian grandmother and the blanket brings back memories of the times they spent together.  It’s gorgeous:

I love the chic little peek into my blog & designer friend Edyta’s home which really showcases her style:

Jessie’s cableknit throw paired with the leather ottoman looks so earthy & cozy:


And finally, I couldn’t resist sharing Loretta’s throw with her sweet little pup enjoying it!!


I’m off for the day but also wanted to share that we’re selling a few of the pieces that we didn’t sell during our last One Kings Lane Sale at reduced prices this Thursday, October 17th at 9 PM Eastern Time in the One Kings Lane Vintage & Designer Picks Sale!!  If you get the chance, I’d love for you to check it out!!