We got home from a trip to Charleston Saturday night & were able to enjoy Easter at home.  Dave surprised me with these daffodils (I was disappointed because I never had the time this season to pick the ones from our yard so he came to the rescue.)
And it was such a pretty day!!! I love this weather… In the morning, I set the table with some antique blue & white china that my mom gave me years ago ( & that I’d almost forgotten I owned. )
Justin was being “helpful”—-

I labeled the eggs with our names & set them in little bowls filled with reindeer moss:


The lucite & brass candlesticks with charteusy-green candles were a gift from Eddie & Jaithan the last time they visited & I love the vintage-modern feel of them:

Later in the day, my family came over & I had to take a pic of these beautiful mini strawberry flower cupcakes my mom & little sister made:

And my grandmother made these adorable bunny twist buns.  (below) Seeing them brought me back to when I was a little girl & she used to make them.  (She hasn’t in years & I totally forgot all about them…  She now has to make them every year because I neeeeeeeed them 😉
We had enough family over that we put the leaf in the table & I ran out of blue & white china but there’s something I love about getting a pretty table ready for a holiday.  (I guess maybe it’s that I never really put any time into it & on holidays I have the time??  Or the reason for doing it??  Lately we’ve been so busy that mealtimes have taken sort of a backseat & I certainly haven’t been making any pretty table settings.  A while back I was going to try to do at least 1 pretty planned meal a week but that sort of got forgotten.  BUT…  for the next few weeks before our Baby #3 arrives, I think I’ll try to make a little bit of an effort… before the Baby Haze sets in & the thought of a pretty planned meal is laughable.)
We had an Easter Egg Hunt in the yard…


{I’ll try to stop posting pics of my wisteria  arbor but I’m not promising it…  I cannot tell you enough how happy it makes me!!!!!}
And the boys (okay, me too) ate a disgusting amount of chocolate…
It was a great day.

I’m without babysitting today so I have the boys home with me for one more day before the real work week sets in.  I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about the baby coming so soon and all of the work we have planned to squeeze in before that time.  With a last-minute photo shoot and a few design plans & installations for clients, I know I’ll be able to power through it, but I have to admit, I’m a little nervous.  I’m feeling pretty good physically (we are just finally getting over that awful bug we all had at out house- arrgggg) but I can tell my body’s about to try telling me to slow down a little.   My cankles come & go (ps- so embarrassed I misspelled cankles in a previous post.. I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain 😉  and the baby’s starting to make things pretty tight in there.  Bathroom breaks are a constant but if I can just keep running for a few more weeks, I should be good.  Both of my boys came early so I need to get things wrapped up as best as possible before the first week of May.  Fingers crossed for me!!

xoxo, Lauren

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