{3 more days!!!}
{The Better Homes & Gardens team made the adorable glittered construction paper chain garland over the chalkboard for us & I love it!!  It’s one of those things I’d planned on making more of but didn’t.  Glad we saved it.}
Yesterday our babysitter. Lizzie, surprised us with a box full of homemade cookies.  Her mother is a friend of ours and teaches at the high school with Dave -and has brought cookies in for the family before from Lizzie- which mysteriously never seem to make it home.
So this time Lizzie brought ’em home to mama.  ahhhhhh yessss…  I was all alone when she dropped them off and got to work on them immediately:


But, unlike my husband, I didn’t eat them all and saved some for my family.
(I tried… there were too many.)

I also have a neighbor who is one of those people who seems to do it all.  (Melissa, if you’re reading, this proves my point because -somehow- you even  have time to pop in here!!)  She & her daughter Claire dropped off some pumpkin bread the other week and I didn’t get a picture of it because it was gobbled up too quickly but it looked like this and it was Heaven:


{photo from allrecipes.com}
I’m always so touched (and thrilled to be the recipient!) when people bake for the holidays and share it with others.  It’s just one of those fun things that I try to do every year but don’t always get to.  (like this year…  although there’s still time??  maybe tomorrow??  There’s always Tollhouse break’n bake.)
Do you have any special pre-holiday tradtions?

xoxo, Lauren

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