So this past weekend was crazy (good crazy) for us: client install (Fri night/ Sat AM), Pear Tree Cottage Design Seminar (Sun) and last but not least hardwood floor install at our place!!! It started out with a day/ night of demo on Saturday: (NOT fun)

Here it is down to the plywood: The next day we (Ok, DAVE) finished the demo and layed down the sound barrier- the red stuff all over the floor. My parents were watching Christian for the weekend…

And then Dave began click & locking away!!!! I was off to the Pear Tree Cottage and when I came home with Christian he’d almost finished the whole living room & dining room!!!

The next day (Monday, our last day of the long weekend) entailed lots of walks and outside time for Chrstian (who was now home) & Ashby (our pup) and I while Dave installed away. He really is a workhorse and stayed up really late nto finish the floors the day before his first day back at school teaching (11 & 12th grade English). Below, Christian really wanted to help and made sure to cover his ears while Daddy hammered:

He liked his giant “puzzle” and got out his hammer & everything:

Ashby chilled while I took pictures. (Rough job for both of us! 😉 😉 She seems to like the new floors. { This is really funny but at the Pear Tree Cottage Workshop, I did a TON of squats in heels without really realizing it, because all of my items for display were sitting on the ground and I had to squat to pick up each one (trying not to abuse the old back!)… hahahah so literally I was SO SORE that walking was difficult for a day or 2!!! It was like I’d had this awesome workout!!! (It’s been a while for me, I’ll be honest) But now I’ve decided that next time I do squats it will be in heels because it was one of the best workouts ever!!!}


And, like most projects, this one expanded. We had some extra and went into the bathroom with it. Not my first choice for a kids’ bathroom, but we had the scrap and it’s better than the linoleum that was in there. We’ll try to be good to it, but if it doesn’t last forever, I’m ok with that. Below, is our very GREEN bathroom which is now getting a makeover. The green toilet left (sorry I don’t have a pic of the pretty litle thing!) and we’re keeping the green shower for a good long while (yuck!) and I’m working on a shower curtain for it right now to hide its special beauty away. The sink (also green) is going now too. Will post some “afters” on this bathroom next week.

And, now for some pics of the installed floor!!!! Dave’s putting in new baseboards this weekend & then we’ll be TOTALLY FINISHED!!! But I’m so happy with how it looks:

Here it is in the kitchen:

And in the breakfast area. (You can see the wallpaper didm’t go up yet. As we were prepping we found an outlet above the window that allowed us to install some sconces we had!!! So wallpaper is on the list for tonight…)

And as I was taking pictures of the hallyway about 20 minutes ago, Christian stumbled out of his room and curled up on the floor so I had to get a pic of that. He was there for 5 minutes or so just “hatching”/ waking up. I guess it’s comfortable…


We have a bunch of items that are arriving & a few DIY projects left but I can’t wait to show you some ‘after’ pics!!!! It’s really all coming together & we’re SO looking forward to relaxing & waiting for Baby 2!!!



**UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we got the floors from Home Depot for around $3.25 per square foot. They messed up on the label though & I think the actual price is around $3.75 or so per square foot but they honored the low price for us & quickly changed the label. They are engineered HWs— and veneer is elm with a walnut finish. I’m really happy with them so far and we have a pup with long nails & so far she hasn’t done ANY damage, even when she skates accross them (she’s still getting used to the floors haha)… I chose them because they were the best -looking in our budget… there were others I would have chosen if the price could be doubled or tripled but alas, it’s not!!! 🙂 xoxo ***