Today’s the big day for us!!  Our One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale opens today, Thursday August 22nd at 11 AM Eastern Time!!  The sale will be up for 3 days only and I’m selling some of my favorite things.  If you’re in the market for anything home-décor related, definitely check it out.


I’ve been collecting things that I love for years now- for clients, for our own home and for photo shoots.  Never quite knowing how I’ll use them, I but them anyway until the right person or project comes along.  But, the garage has gotten filled up (along with a storage unit or two!!) so we knew it was time for a sale!!  Most of my pieces are vintage or antique and a few are new.  I’m also selling pillows in my textiles, which are on super sale!!


Here’s a little sneakity peek at some of the items I’m parting with.

My beloved painted Gustavian chair:

I have a slight obsession with vintage German botanical charts but don’t have as much room as I need for them in our new house.  This piece is very old and I knew I had to have it the minute I found it in a German Antique Shop:


You also might remember I have a thing for brass (so there are a lot of pretty brass pieces in the sale) and the warmth it brings to a room.  When I found this little brass owl years ago, I couldn’t resist him:


Doing the One Kings Lane sale has been such an eye-opening experience.  All 200 of our items were photographed in two days.  We had to removed EVERYTHING from our living room and breakfast room to create two shooting areas with white backdrops.  (This meant moving multiple sofas UPstairs to be out of the way and driving things back and forth from our storage units.)

{This fun vintage yellow wing chair used to sit in the US Capitol Building!!}

We hired babysitters pretty much ’round the clock and also had “all hands on deck” at work.  We brought each & every piece of furniture in & out of the house and some of the things are really heavy.  Shooting went pretty late into the nights and there was a LOT of pizza & Thai food involved.


{Heavy iron shelves…  Saying goodbye to two of these from our old office/ studio! }

The team at One Kings Lane couldn’t be nicer or more on top of things.  They run their business like clockwork and I’m so impressed with how efficient they are.
I’m off for the day but wish me luck over the next 3 days!! 🙂
Click here to check out the sale!!!   Thanks!! 
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