So after my post yesterday about the wild roses (above), Connie from Hartwood Roses informed me about a disease called Rose Rosette Disease infecting the wild rose population all over.  She described the reddish contorted growth that’s a symptom of the disease and yep, a few of our wild rose bushes have it.  So I’m just in from hacking away at them.  (A far cry from cutting roses and frolicking with my 2 year old.  haha)  We’re going to have to take out all of the infected bushes.  There are still a ton of unifected ones but I’m thinking chances are slim they won’t be infected eventually.  Oh so sad.  (Good news – it’s not on that huge group of buches that goes 20 or so feet high into the trees!  And I’m not hacking ’till they get it.)
Thoughts in my mind as I tried to untangle a particularly huge-won’t-let-go-rose vine from a tree reminded me of the priest’s from The Exorcist:
  “Release him!”
“Foul beast!”
“I command you to leave!!”
…or maybe some type of pandemic outbreak movie:
to Christian:  “The roses are sick.”
“Don’t touch.”
“We can’t let it spread”
 oh well.  never dull.  😉