{AIR DATE DETAILS in a photo taken by our seven year old… I was impressed.}

Hey hey!  Things have been moving really quickly on the HGTV pilot show front and we found out that the air date is in less than two weeks!!  Our
show is called ‘Best House on the Block’ and it will air on Sunday, July 30th at 2:00 PM Eastern on HGTV.  We just received the preview/ opening
for it and are able to share it with you!! (below)

We are BEYOND excited and now I’m starting to get nervous- eeeeek!!!!  🙂  (I ran track in high school and was the third leg of the 4×1 and I
have that same sort of nerves/crazy adrenaline feeling in my stomach I used to have waiting for the baton hand-off when I think about it lol!!)

‘Best House on the Block’ will follow me & my husband, David, (who’s the project manager in our interior design business) as we redo “typical” houses
in the VA-MD-DC area, turning them into unique & special homes completely tailored to the clients who live in them.   The process entails
designing, renovating and decorating, which I’m so excited about.  We’re working with our longtime contractor & friend, Mike Carr of CarrMichael
Construction on the renovations. We’ve filmed one pilot episode and my understanding is that it will air a couple of times, and depending upon
how it’s received/ how many viewers it gets etc., HGTV will determine if it goes to a full season.  We filmed the episode in a single month and
it was a whirlwind to say the least!!

Here’s a peek at the show:

{It cracks me up that the title landed perfectly over my then-6-month belly. }

We have no idea where things will go from here, but we’ve had so much fun working on the pilot with our production company, Collins Avenue, the crew, our incredibly sweet clients, and everyone at HGTV,
that we’ll definitely have no regrets with whatever happens.

The Washington Post published an article on the show this week with some details, and if you’d like to check it out, you can click HERE

We’ll be doing a “Facebook Live” on HGTV’s facebook page sometime before the show airs
on the 30th, so if you’re into those, please come by and say hi!!  (We did one last week on our company facebook page to announce the show’s
airdate and had NO idea what we were doing so hopefully this one will be better!! We were dying because one very sweet commenter said we sounded
like her grandparents lol!!)  If you have any questions about the show, please leave them in the comments section here and we’ll try to get
to them then.  I’ll be back before then when I have more info!!

And, finally, thank you so much to so many of you who have left sweet comments/sent messages here & Instagram & Facebook/ shared posts about
the show/ told friends about it etc…  I’m seriously thankful and overwhelmed by the support and kindness we’ve seen, and really & truly
hope you like the show.