It has been a crazy-busy week so far here!!  I loved reading everyone’s comments & emails on the last post (The Toy Wars) and many of you had me cracking up.  It definitely seems like the issue of toys is a hot button (who knew???!! 😉 but do I hope you know that I adore my kids and love this messy stage of life with them and don’t in any way need (or have!!) a “perfect” home, but that-  to our family- toys & stuff do not equate love.  There are plenty of places where children don’t have much, but are loved and they are happy.  In our house, we prefer our kids have less and only keep what they use and are really into.  Even in the past few days, I’ve watched as my boys seem to be playing even better together.  It’s amazing.  (And let’s be honest, in this country, what we all consider “less” would be an incredible amount in many other places. )

To each his own & my kids love visiting their friends who have a ton of toys which is so special & fun for them, but we’re going to try it with less for a while.  We believe it will be good for all of us.  Do I want to attempt having a neat house?  Of course, (!!) but I hope you see that it doesn’t come from a selfish place.

And now, for a little before & after!

My clients were looking to liven up their empty foyer and make it feel a bit more like home.  They have a relaxed laid-back style and wanted to freshen it up.  Here’s what it looked like before:


And here it is now:


We made a few very small changes, but it’s a completely different space now!  The painted chest provides a little color, patina and storage.  The alabaster lamp warms up the space at night and provides some interest during the day.  The striped rug keeps things casual and relaxed and of course, I needed that shot of warm wood that the little stool provides.  Like me, my clients loves ferns but might be terrible at keeping them alive.   The seagrass on the stairs is one of my favorite elements and really changes the feel of the foyer.  It feels so natural and lived-in.  (And, is indestructible!!)

And, like all homes that I’ve lived in or decorated, the house is very real.  It may be picture-perfect in the photos but it changes and gets lived in and used.  Kids and a massive sweetie-pie dog live here.  (And I’m guessing that fern didn’t make it very long 😉 😉