There are so many things I want to do and only so little time to do them all in.  The other day, I was reading my friend Amy Meier’s blog and she was writing about how she’s planning on making more time for things that are important to her, and she inspired me.  I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days and have been wondering how I can do more.  In keeping with how I usually attack things, I decided to start with a list.  So here’s my list of things I want to do, definitely in no particular order and not necessarily all anytime that soon.


1. More furniture design…  I’ve got lots of designs drawn out… just need to get those babies into CAD!

{Our madhatter chair in my good friend Helen Norman’s living room}

2. Photograph our newest textiles and finish the ones I’m working on.


3. Write a children’s book with beautiful pictures(whether it gets published or not, I’ve just always wanted to.)

{Get this book here }



4. Read every day on my own (we do lots of family books but would like to have more of my own too.)


5. More alone time with my husband.  Honestly, this means me not falling asleep when the kids do, which is what happens so often.   I so often just feel depleted by 8:30.   I feel like we always miss each other – even though we work together- and we’d have so much more time if I could stay awake later.   (I’d also probably be able to read more if I could stay up later.)  Time with him is my absolute favorite time…  it needs higher priority.


6. More family time.  This is always at the top of my list but I just feel it needs to stay there.


 {my little artists}

7. Work out (!!)


Enough said.  (Image from here)

I know this will help in so many areas- having more energy, feeling more positive, managing my time better.  I’ve got to get it back on the schedule.

8. Blog more frequently- both reading and writing

Blogging is strange for me because I don’t quite classify it as personal time or work time.  It’s that strange sort of “do-it-when-you-can” time that never really feels quite right.  I think it’s time to carve out some more scheduled blogging time for myself.  I miss having that like I used to.  

9. Host seminars at our studio

I’m excited about this and in the Spring, am hoping to host seminars on things like decorating, blogging, work and hopefully be able to invite authors to do book signings and fun things like that.


10. Be better at correspondence…  I’m terrible at getting cards out and there is a massive pile of Christmas gifts sitting in our family room to go out.  :/   I never remember a birthday on time and so want to be one of those people who do.  I also am having trouble keeping up with our boys’ relatively new social lives and am always finding invitations of parties we’ve missed (or that are in like 2 days) in random places around the house.  Bad mama.  

{Image from here…  very worth reading!}

11.  Help others more.  Ditto ditto ditto.  This is the biggest thing our family is working on.  The things we’re doing aren’t monumental but we’re trying.

12. Slow down (This may be at odds with trying to do more 😉 😉  But really, I need to slow down.  The only way to do it will be to become even more scheduled and disciplined.

14.  Take more in.

{image via here}

I do a lot of output…  things that take creativity and constant production.  I start to feel a little dried up when there’s too much output and not enough coming in.  Travelling, visiting museums, listening to others, reading, rest…  all  give me more fuel to work with.  They make me feel inspired and excited and refreshed.  Ready to go…


15.  Spend more time outside when it’s cold out.  I’ve realized I spend most days indoors when it’s cold out but I’d like to try to get out more.  It’s invigorating and I think even 15 minutes outside in the yard together with the boys would do wonders.

{our front yard}

16.  Tighten my focus.  In our business, there are so many different areas to focus on and to spend time and energy on.  I’d really like to hone in more on what exactly it is we do and be better at saying ‘no’ to those opportunities that take me away from what it is we specialize in.  I’ve gotten much better at this but for the sake of everyone I work with, our processes, and our clients, I need to buckle down even more.  I’ve realized that every time I say “yes” when I shouldn’t or make an exception, squeeze something extra into the calendar, everyone around me suffers…  our design team, my kids and my time typically take the brunt of it.  (I can perfectly picture watching different important people in my life’s faces fall when I’ve said “yes” once again or put too much on our plates…. Meghan (our junior designer) , Dave, and especially the boys…  I can take it but the rest of them shouldn’t have to and I need to remind myself that my decisions affect a lot of people.  Disappointing a potential client by telling them we do not perform a certain type of service or that they do have to wait for our services is much better than constantly putting too much pressure on our team or disappointing my kids because we have to work late every night.  I can’t stress this one enough to myself right now for their sake.

17. Spread good stuff.  Make people around me feel special. (Both those I know and love and random people I meet.)  I’d like people to walk away feeling better after we cross paths.


{the most precious moments}

…And for right now, that’s pretty much it.   I know a lot of what’s on my list won’t happen if I don’t schedule it into my life.  So…  today I’m going to work on a new schedule for myself and for our family.  We’re headed out in a bit with the boys so we can work on it in the car.  I’ll keep you posted.  What’s on your list right now?