As you might remember, we moved into our house about a year ago…  One of the funny things about first moving into a house (especially in early Spring like us before the leaves are out) is that you don’t necessarily know what kinds of plants & trees you have on your property.  This past year it’s been so great to watch the place bloom around us & to find out what everything is.  One of our favorite “mystery trees” that we saw when we first moved in turned out to be a mulberry tree!

And we love to eat them!!  (Things just taste better outside & especially when they’re from your own yard, don’t they?)  It’s so relaxing to head outside at the end of the day & pick mulberries.  I love that we don’t have to do anything at all to keep them alive (because my thumb is the blackest of blacks.)
{Christian’s getting so big -will be 3 yrs old in July- and can reach the lower branches}
{yum! yum!}

…After we pick them we head to the backyard to the adirondack chairs to relax & enjoy the mulberries … and forget about how messy our house is, the work that needs to be done, and the craziness of daily life etc.

They’re not the cleanest of foods…
{Mulberry-stained hands, feet and face}
…But they sure make us happy…
Chores, work, messes and “things” will always be there…
Think of what you can do with the people you love to take a quick break from it all.
Savor all the little moments you can.
simple      happy      beautiful      living.