We’re back from a whirlwind trip down to Lake Gaston and then to High Point Market, and after loading up the studio with some of our new finds and rearranging a bit, I thought I’d share some pics with you!  I NEED change so rearranging the studio is really fun for me.


{I went crazy with vintage botanical charts and charts of various wildlife…  I’m going to have trouble parting with the buttercup one I found, above.}

The massive clam shell has been in the studio for a bit and it’s probably one of my favorite things here:


My vintage painting collection is growing:



Doing a studio or a store is so different than doing a home.  We have ours set up like little rooms with each section having its own feeling/ color palette.  I had fun doing a little corner of the shop in pale beiges, golds and aquas:



I love going down to Market and seeing so many different point of views, all displayed in the different showrooms so beautifully.  It’s really a “to each his own” sort of thing and I feel like everyone goes home with a little bit of this from one place and a little bit of that from another place and creates her own point of view/ style at home.  I have to laugh because sometimes people will come into our studio and say things like, “Oh this is odd,” or “Hmmmmm…”  or my favorite, “This stuff is old.” and it reminds me that different things float all of our boats.  As a rule, I buy what I love, what moves me in some way.  If something makes me laugh or smile, it almost always comes home to the studio.


I got made fun of today by Dave & Meghan in the studio for putting this miniscule fern in this oversize antique urn:


{I deserved it.  I WISH I had the room for this piece at home…. another favorite}

The fabric room now has a little Danish-inspired chair for relaxing:


We have a big install tomorrow so today was a good day for me to “shop” at the studio for one-of-a-kind accessories.  We found some really incredible pieces at Market that will ship to us soon.  I have a chair problem and must have purchased at least 14 of them.  I have NO IDEA where we’ll fit them all.


I’ll be sure to post install updates on our project tomorrow on instagram for those who are interested.  (my name on there is just my name “laurenliess”)   Hope you enjoyed the little peek of the studio!  {For anyone in the area, the studio is open Monday- Friday 10-5.}  I’ll be sure to post when our Market haul arrives!  I’ll be back later this week to share a couple of projects of ours that are currently out in some shelter magazines!!