I am SO EXCITED to announce that my husband David (or Dave/ Dav) is coming to work for our design business!!  Today’s his first day at Lauren Liess Interiors (which I now feel like I should have named “Liess Interiors”)  and we are seriously giddy.  (Or at least I am.)

{I also just found out about Instagram pictures and am addicted.  Thanks Eddie!}
He’ll be managing the implementation phase of our clients’ projects / timelines etc., handling the accounting and working on product development (you know, all the fun stuff 😉 😉   For a while now, we’ve enjoyed going to Market together & meeting & making friends with others in the design industry, but now we’ll be really freed up (schedule-wise) to travel when we need to & to get more accomplished.
Our goal is to not only have our business running smoother than ever before, but to free me up a bit more to spend more time with clients, more time designing (vs. paperworking & coordinating) and more time working on the fabric line. We’ve also been reading your emails about our online decorating services and are planning on bringing them back as soon as I get a bit more adjusted to the new baby/ being back at work/ etc.  (I’ll be sure to post as soon as the service is available…  and thank you so much to those of you who’ve shown an interest!!)
{The living room of a very stylish long-distance client of ours, Anne.  Her home was featured by Jenny on the Little Green Notebook .  Anne took with the suggestions I gave her and seriously ran with them to create a gorgeous very personal home for her family.  She’s one talented mama!!!  Photo by Amy Majors Photography.)
Bringing Dave into the company is a HUGE change for our family & for our business.  I’m both nervous & excited.  It’s always been a dream of ours to work together.  (We’re sort of one of those annoying couples that likes to spend a ton of time together & never gets sick of being together…  But we aren’t PDA-ish, I swear!!!)  It’s a big step & we’re hoping & praying that it works out.  (And will be working like crazy so that it does.)
I know Dave will miss working at the highschool (where he was teaching English & was the English Department Chair) and  I’ve been so proud of him & all that he’s accomplished there.  I hope that he loves this as much as that.
okay.. Did I say I was excited already?!!!!!  Because I am TOTALLY FREAKING OUT I’m so excited-  eeeeeek!!!  🙂
(That’s me squeeling…  and yes, I really do say “eeeeeek”)
So anyway, things will be changing a bit around here, but definitely for the better!!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

xoxo, Lauren

To view our e-design client, Anne’s whole home tour, visit Little Green Notebook, here!  Thank you so much to Jenny & Anne!!

If you’d like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.  We are booking for early August for traditional (in-person) full-service projects.