I’ve been tagged by Michelle from A Schematic Life (if you haven’t checked out her blog you must- she is blogworld-famous for her amazing renderings!) to post 6 things about myself, so here they are:


1) I love to eat. I love food. Eating is just one of my favorite things to do. period




2) I love to dance. (which does not mean I’m good at it by any means!!) An ideal weekend night for me ends up in dancing if possible. (whether I’m at home with my little guy or out with friends… I just love to let loose & shake it! haha)


3) I get excited by a lot… when I’m with people I care about, when I find or see something I think is beautiful or unique, when I’m into a good book or series, when I know I’m about to eat something really good, when I have a new idea… I think that’s why I often use so many exclamation points to get my points accross in blogging- it’s because it’s the way I really feel!! 🙂



4) I love animals. My dog is my “fur baby” and I would have a cat too if my husband weren’t allergic. I actually squeeze & hold my dog so much that she tries to get away & I don’t let her because I need to pet her so badly. See example pic below:



5) I swear I’m not crazy… just a little bit like that girl, Elmira, from the Tiny Toons cartoons:

6) My friends & husband say I’m a “ninja” because I’m good with nunchucks and can do a kip-up: click here to see 🙂 I was inspired by the Bruce Lee movie & taught it to myself way back when.

Anyway, since I’d done a little “5 things about me” post pretty recently, I figured I’d let you in on some things you might not have already known about me, and hopefully I didn’t scare you too much!! haha


Instead of tagging 6 other people, I just want to invite anyone who wants to do this post to write 6 things about themselves that we might not already know & then put the link to the post in the comments section of this post. Can’t wait to hear!!!