Taking the Plunge

We’re off today to check out a part-time daycare/ preschool for our little guys.  I’m sort of mixed about it, but mostly excited.  It will be 3 days a week and my mom will be watching them on a 4th day.   I’m attempting tp take the 5th day off so we’ll see how it goes.  Christian’s three years old and is dying […]

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August 31, 2010

Decorative Memories in our Core

I often think about patterns from my childhood… Fabrics, tile, wallpapers, even linoleum patterns.  Many of them have really stayed with me over the years and I remember them fairly clearly.  For the ones that are no longer around… I wish I could just have a piece…  A yard or a square foot to look at and remember perfectly. The sofa in the […]

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August 26, 2010

Pure Project #14: Ride Down Memory Lane

When I was little and I used to visit my grandparents lakehouse during the summer (where my dad lives now) one of my favorite things to do was pick flowers.  They were everywhere in Antioch.  We used to make these little pressed flower arrangements in the dirt called “madonnas.”  Have you ever heard of these?  […]

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August 22, 2010

Last Hurrah of Summer

There’s something magical about summer, and although Fall might be my favorite season, I’m never quite ready for Summer to end.  Those lazy summer days I remember from childhood seem to have been replaced by jam-packed hectic days of “to do lists, ” work and maintaining a household. {My dad on his boat, 1982} Time seems to […]

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August 19, 2010

Pure Projects #13: Finally Hang it!

  You might  remember that we “finished” (nothing’s ever really done here) Christian’s bedroom a while back: We’d never gotten around to hanging what we’d planned to hang in the blank spot next to his bookcase.  A few months ago I found this cool vintage German educational chart of a fish: {I’ve been very into […]

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August 16, 2010

Pure Projects # 12

Good morning!  Ok, so like I mentionioned on Friday, I’m attempting to be back on track with the “Pure Organization” Projects Series!  (which I’m now calling “Pure Projects” because not all will be organization 🙂 {Just as a reminder, in case you’re a new reader or forgot (it’s been a few months! 😉  every Monday I’ll […]

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August 9, 2010

Pure Organization- What???!!

Do you remember when I started “Pure Organization” this past January 2010and was all set to get organized?  Well, as you probably noticed, I totally slacked off on that front and we spent more of our time redoing rooms & on other projects that on actually organizing.  (Kids, work, life too, you know 😉 {Coat […]

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August 6, 2010



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