How Parcel Works

par┬Ěcel: a package of bespoke designed goodness delivered to your inbox.

With two options to choose from, parcel is back! We're thrilled to be bringing the laid-back lifestyle to your home, virtually. Download the Catalog to review the packages and process. Simply add to cart once you've decided!

Download the Catalog


A to-scale floor plan diagrams where your furnishings and/or cabinetry should be placed. A rendering illustrates our recommended design concept for your room and a sourcing list links every item in the design so you can purchase them if you choose. Design concepts are yours to implement on your own timeline and tweak as needed. One edit is included. If you need plans for multiple rooms, adjust the quantity when you add the package to your cart. With your parcel, you will receive a one-time use 10% off promo code to Lauren Liess & Co, good for 10 days.