October 2, 2023

Our Vegetable Garden- Part 2

We’ve been busy around here and we are getting SO CLOSE to finishing up our new vegetable garden!! The kids learned a lot and we made some serious progress. I’m SO excited to be getting back to growing vegetables that won’t be plundered by our adorable and sweet evening visitors (the deer)!!

My favorite part of this project has been that the kids have been such a part of it. They’re learning so much so quickly. A dinner conversation this weekend centered around the boys new idea to build a longhouse to hangout in on our property- they know how to dig holes, set posts in concrete and are just starting to get the idea of framing- so it’s a real possibility for them and I love that.

To check out the video, hit play on the video below OR head over to our YouTube channel.


our vegetable garden- part 2
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7 months ago

What an incredible family experience! 🙏🏽
Love the engagement shown by family members. How sweet and blessed you all are 😊

7 months ago

Wonderful video! Everyone’s getting so tall!

7 months ago

A beautiful philosphy of family you have. Your children are blessed to have this thoughtful life you and David have created.

Barbara Hochstein
7 months ago

where did you purchase the raised beds?

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