May 12, 2023

my new rug collection is out today!

My Spring 2023 collection is launching with Rugs USA today! I am SO excited to share it with you!! I’ve had a bunch of the rugs with me for photoshoots and so I’ve gotten to see them in person, touch them etc., and I’m obsessed!! (And I seriously can’t get over how amazing the price points are!!) My first collection was full of natural fiber rugs- jute, seagrass & sisal- along with a few patterned rugs. For my newest collection, I focused on vintage and antique-inspired rugs for layering (with a few more natural fiber rugs because there’s no limit to my love for them 😉 )

The collection consists of variety of rug constructions: jute-cotton patterned rugs, indoor-outdoor rugs, machine washable rugs, cotton, wool, and more natural fiber rugs of course. Below all of these snippets is a breakdown of some of the main rug categories/ rug constructions and their various uses. I am thrilled that we have such a variety of rugs to meet so many different needs!!

Jute-Blend Patterned Rugs

These rugs blow me away. They feel like timeworn antique rugs and I’ve never seen anything like them on the market. They have that “floppable” quality good antique rugs have. The Lennox Medallion and the Marigold are jute-blends and I’m obsessed.

Washable Rugs

These babies are machine washable!! This has been a game-changer for us at home because of our three dogs and way of life in general. We recently got the Jessamine for our family room – where we have a lot of in-and-out to the back yard happening and it’s been amazing. We’ve had parties with lots of kids (and spills!) and I’ve been able to literally just wipe spills away with a single swipe of a damp paper towel. It’s nutty! The Myrtle, Wild Orchid, Jessamine, Bayberry Vintage, and Larkspur Fringed are all washable. These rugs are thin and lay flat, reminding me a bit of how old Turkish rugs lay, though the edges have a pretty serged pattern so if you’re into rugs, it’s clear that they are new rugs. My kids are all obsessed with the washable rugs because they are SO soft. I will forever love and continue to use vintage rugs but these beauties are an amazing stress-free alternative.

Cotton and Wool

I love a simple black and white striped flatweave rug and have them in both wool and cotton. They’re graphic and have such a timeless feel.

Natural Woven

I looooove me some natural woven rugs and there are too many to count in the collection!! From jute to seagrass, to straw to sisal, each one is truly beautiful. We have solids that are amazing for layering patterned rugs on top of and textured patterns that stand alone. (That being said, sometimes I love a super simple natural woven rug with nothing on top for a quiet, natural-feeling space… see image below of the oak sisal rug in our living room.)


The indoor-outdoor collection is a mix of stripes and geometrics that work beautifully in natural settings but that are pretty enough to bring inside too!

Why This collection Means so much to me

On a personal career note… my collaboration with Rugs USA has been a dream come true. Working with an incredibly talented – and most importantly, kind & caring- team has been SO. MUCH. FUN and seriously creatively satisfying. Fifteen years ago when I started my interior design company, I dreamt about designing products for the home and this whole thing has been one of those crazy pinch-me moments. As our family grew, I began to see the importance of creating products with companies whom I admired and I started thinking about how to supplement our interior design business with products. Looking back, I can see how serendipitously our partnerships have come about. Last year I had decided it was time to do a rug collection, and not much later, couldn’t believe it when RUGS USA reached out about doing a collection together. Sometimes things just work out like that and I’m truly grateful. I feel so honored to get to work with all of our partners and know what trust they’re also placing in me.

On a product launch note, I am so proud of the collection and LOVE that we have so many rugs available at such amazing price points!! I have read the notes from people over the years asking for affordable products and I am so happy to be able to connect with you all in a different way! It makes my heart sing when I see a picture or a video of something I’ve designed in your homes and I feel so honored that you would choose something I designed to bring into your life. I don’t say this lightly… it really means so much.

Anyway, I am off for the day, but I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the Spring 2023 collection!!! You can shop it here! Happy Friday!!


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9 months ago

xo back! Lauren, these rugs are all stunners! Thank you for designing this lovely collection. If it weren’t for you and your amazing talent, heart and spirit, and all of your glorious books, my home would not be the place I’m so thankful it is. You are such an inspiration and gift! Congratulations on your new collection!

3 months ago
Reply to  Jessie

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9 months ago

These are so gorgeous, Lauren!!!!

9 months ago

What a stunning collection! and the patterned jute! Chef’s kiss. The texture is so good. As usual Lauren, all so beautifully authentic. Bravo!

8 months ago

I always look forward to reading your blog. Your writing style is engaging and your content is informative.

Dian Owens
5 months ago

Wow! Beautiful and affordable! Congratulations Lauren!

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