May 8, 2019

In the Garden…

I CANNOT get enough of this beautiful spring we are having!!! For years it’s felt like we go from hot to cold and so this just feels like the best spring we’ve had in foreverrrrrrr.

After dinner goodness in the garden- Gisele in front with sword in hand.

We’ve been eating dinners in the garden as much as possible and it makes even leftovers feel special.  We usually turn on the music when we’re prepping dinner and keep it on through dinner to clean-up, turning it off only when some sort of mayhem ensues with the kids and it gets to be too much.    (which is generally what happens.)


Last night we had mushroom flatbread from the grocery store with leftover steak and fresh salad from the garden.  I love love love food and cooking but I feel like it’s been really tough on weeknights for the past year or two.  I’m trying to make a SERIOUS effort to meal plan on Sundays -even if the meal plan is literally “put premade pizza in the oven!!” We started a week or two ago so we’ll see how it goes.  I need variety in my meals or I just get over it and start stuffing my face with cheese.  (Nothing really wrong with that though, right??)


We cannot keep shoes on Aurora!! Girlfriend’s feet are tough!!

The kids love playing in the garden and they often end up sword fighting along the garden walls.  I’m always finding evidence of their play and I love it:

Marigold petal pile… not sure who left it there.

I’ve always loved to try to make gardens that you can really be “in” in the way you’d be in an interior room.  I’ve always loved having places to sit and now that we have a table in our garden, I’d seriously recommend it to anyone- even if it’s a small bistro table.  We love meals having meals there and the kids can color and do projects out there too.

I love our little willow pyramids. We found them at the Monticello Shop.


We did untreated raised cedar garden boxes and I love having the little ledge for sitting.  It’s great for weeding and the ledge is perfect for a drink. I love having a glass of wine and unwinding in the garden while I weed on the weekends.  We’ve had so many sports with the kids this spring (lacrosse is in full swing!!) so I’m really looking forward to getting some more time out there.


My favorite days start with a little morning walk outside either on the property or in the garden. Gisele is a worker bee and goes straight out and starts weeding that gravel!! Go girl!! I love this photo because I’m trying to show her the new bean sprouts but she’s getting her work done first!! She keeps everyone in line around here.


And… for my little inspiration shoppable collage- (SIDE NOTE: I REALLY need a better name for these- anyone know what they’re called or have a good one?) I’m using the above photo.  My shirt is by Sezane and is old/ unavailable so I ended  up going down the rabbit hole shopping for available crochet/lace tops and now I’m wanting more!! eek.  As a note, Gisele’s genie pants are slightly more lavender than the pants pictured in the collage.  To shop the whole photo easily including similar garden beds, you can click here.  I’ve tried to include items at various price points today but I don’t always and one of the BEST things I read yesterday from a reader in the comments section was that she is making one of the dresses from last week for her daughter!!!  It made my day and I love that one of these little collages sparked a bit of inspiration for them.  Have a great week!!

ps- If you’re reading this in email the photo collage above might not be showing up. so if you’d like to see it, clock on the title of the post at the top of the email.  We’re working on getting this & a few other bugs fixed!!

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