October 4, 2019


It has been YEARS since I’ve done weekly challenges on the blog but I’m back at a point in my life now where I need a little kick to get motivated to do certain things around the house, so I thought back to my “Pure Organization” days of NINE years ago and about how I could use a little something like that in my life right about now and figured I’d get back to it.  (For those who are new or don’t remember “Pure Organization” it was a weekly challenge I did where I’d do one organizational task each week and challenge readers to join in.  I hosted one of those good old-fashioned link parties each week and people could link to their own posts or pictures sharing what they’d done and I’d feature a few of my favorites the next week. It was really cool to sort of be keeping each other accountable by having this weekly challenge/ share situation and seeing how everyone did his/her challenges a bit differently was really inspiring.  This time around, the weekly challenge will encompass all of “home life” – and not just the organizational side of things- so I’m calling it “HOMEWORK!”


Homework assignment #1  is now safely stored under my kitchen sink


Homework will be a once a week simple & fairly quick challenge of making something better at home and I’ll post a quick webisode tutorial of the task each week.  Whether it’s decorative, organizational, food, self-care or garden/plant-related, it’ll always be quick and easy and will mostly entail working with things we generally already have to make life a bit better. It’s about the little things and living a simple, easy, more organized fun life at home.  I’ll definitely be repeating some of the “Pure Organization” challenges because I’m in a different house and definitely still need most of those things done to our place and because generally, these are the type of tasks that need to be done more than once, but some of the homework will be a bit more of a treat and I want to focus more on some of the pretty/ fun things that should get done around the house: styling the coffee table or bookshelf or hanging art along with do some tasks that connect us a bit more with nature and are a bit more seasonal.  Anyway, I’m really excited to be getting back into if after so many years and hope you’ll join in when one of the challenges speaks to you!  There’s nothing like telling other people you’re going to do something to keep you accountable!! 🙂

This time around, to share your project with everyone, just post a photo of it on Instagram and hashtag it with  #ididmyhomework so we call all check out the hashtag each week and see who’s joining in.  I’ll be featuring a few each week on my Instagram stories.  I’ll plan to post new challenges on Mondays.


HOMEWORK challenge #1 is super easy: Fill a mason jar (or any smallish container) with touch-up paint for the walls and touch up those walls! When you’re done, tie the paintbrush onto the jar and store the jar in an easy-to access place so you can touch up every now and then.  (It all depends on how messy your life is but I should probably be touching up every month.  Aurora (now 2) is a MANIAC with writing on the walls.  When I went to touch up the walls today, there was crayon, pen or pencil on pretty much every wall I looked at.  We really do try to hide the writing utensils but girlfriend is determined.    It’s been almost three years since we moved in with no touch-ups so I’m going to set a 6 month goal for myself.) I picked paint touch-ups for the first challenge because it was my first challenge of “Pure Organization” all those years ago, because it’s a really easy one to jump in on, and because I honestly can’t take looking at my walls anymore

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: paint, paint brush, jar for the paint, something to tie the jar on with, scissors and a marker


It took me about an hour to do the whole process and I only did our first floor.  I’d say if there weren’t so many Aurora masterpieces on the walls (I had to go back and give these areas second and third coats!!) it probably would have only taken about twenty minutes (the hardest part was pouring the paint into the jar).  Already having the jar will make it so much quicker next time around.


A peek from the video


When you’re done with your touch-ups, label your jar, clean out the brush and tie it onto the jar.  Here’s my finished jar:

I stored this little baby in a basket under the kitchen sink & am feeling quite accomplished lol


EDITED TO ADD: For those who were looking for the jumpsuit link: here it is! (I live in that thing!!!)

Anyway, I’m off for the day but happy Friday and I hope you’ll do Homework with me next week!! I’ll post the video soon to kick the whole thing off!



And a quick reminder that my book comes out on TUESDAY and I’m freaking out over here!! 🙂 Click here for a signed copy and for links to booksellers.  If you’re in the area we’re having a book party at Urban Country on Thursday, October 10th at 5 PM & I’d love to see you there!! RSVP to jillian@urbancountrydesigns.com if you can attend!!


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