November 25, 2019

HOMEWORK #8 – Bringing Branches In

Hello & happy Monday-before-Thanksgiving!! Short week- yay!! I was rushing around trying to close things out before the holiday and needed a super fast one this week so I cut branches and brought them in for a practically instant arrangement.

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I love bringing in branches from the yard… branches add such height and a little bit of laid-back/ easy drama to any space and are super easy to do.  (It only took me around five minutes- I did run because I was short on time!)  (I also borrowed Dave’s boots if you’re wondering what in the world are on my feet)  With Thanksgiving coming up- and the leaves falling very quickly outside!!- I thought it was the perfect week for making a branch arrangement so I got to work!

I decided to put them on my mantle…  Here’s a photo of my living room with the branches… When I was done I started a fire and enjoyed a seriously rare moment alone by the fire (with my dog) and some music.

I’d forgotten we’d moved out our fireside chairs a year or so ago so because Aurora was really into jumping on them so I pulled in a chair from another room and I’m loving this little spot now.  I try to keep something big and living on the mantle and branches are always the best up there because of the height.

The few tips I have for cutting branches and having them last as long as possible are:

  • use a sharp, clean set of clippers
  • fill up the container with warm water (don’t know if this is true but I heard this way back when and still do it)
  • cut the branches again under running water and get them right in the water
  • change the water daily (ummm yeah this does NOT happen at my house)

So anyway, I hope you get some time for this super-easy/ rewarding homework this week!! Cur branches are one of my favorite types of arrangements because they just feel (and are!!) so effortless yet are large and add some drama in a laid-back way.

If you make an arrangement, be sure to post pics on Instagram and tag them with #ididmyhomework  !!  I’’ll be sharing them in stories!! To watch. click here or go to my IGTV on Instagram!


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