November 18, 2019

HOMEWORK #7 – Styling Time

Happy Monday!!! I had a fun & busy week/weekend with a couple of book signing parties (I’ll share pics later this week!!) and I kind of can’t believe it’s Monday already.  This week on HOMEWORK, I went after something I’ve been dreading doing for YEARS… I attacked my dining room hutch. I’ve been dreading it because I knew it would take a few hours (and it did- about 2.5 hours) but it’s definitely time. I have had parties and even photoshoots in the dining room and have told people not to “look over there” and we haven’t been able to shoot in that direction lol but we have NBC coming over later this week to film me setting some holiday tablescapes and that finally pushed me over the edge to get this baby done.

To check out this week’s episode, go here. 

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Here’s what my hutch looked like before:

And here it is now:

finally done!! It’s pretty much the same stuff but just styled instead of “dumped”!!  It’s always ever-evolving but at least I can finally let people look over there

In the episode, I share the “how to” for styling a she;f-type surface / how I always go about doing it.  It’s a lot of trial and error, but I do have some basic rules or tips I generally follow.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to be done with this thing I’ve been dreading doing all of these years!!  I think that’s what I like best about doing “homework”- it forces me to just get stuff done that I know is good for me.  If you join in and style something, be sure to post pics on Instagram and tag them with #ididmyhomework  !!  I’’ll be sharing them in stories!! To watch. click here or go to my IGTV on Instagram!


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