October 9, 2019


… is OUT!!!

What a CRAZY good day yesterday was as people started getting their copies of the book and sending me notes, comments or sharing on Instagram!!!  I had a series of meetings and got out of work at the end of the day to basically the biggest warm hug ever.

a snippet of a pretty powder room in DOWN TO EARTH


I got a little teary last night as I was trying to take screenshots of all of the amazing shout-outs and photos people have been posting.  I am truly grateful beyond words for all of the support I have felt from you all.  At times this feels like a never-ending marathon but right now feels like crossing that finish line and I’m just so thankful.   I wanted to share the last page of my book – the acknowledgments – because I truly couldn’t have written it without these people (& this includes you!!)


I also wanted to give a special thanks to my friends Erin Gates and Brooke & Steve Giannetti who generously spent their time reading my book in advance & for writing reviews for it.  I admire these people so much and this was at the point when I was all done with the book and suddenly worrying that it was terrible so their words meant (& mean!) so much to me.

I’ll be back to write more later but for now, I just wanted to express how truly thankful I’m feeling.  The book is on sale now and here’s a link to signed copies and links to booksellers carrying it.

And here’s a list of book parties I’ll be at! – BOOK TOUR They’ll all be lots of fun with eats & drinks and I’d love to meet you!!

Have a great day and thank you!!!