December 4, 2012


We are almost there with our house renovation (downstairs at least 😉  and one of the last things that needs to happen before we can move downstairs into our bedroom is adding doors.  They are set to arrive today (eeeeek!!)
I don’t have anything as cool as the barn doors (above) going in but I loved the picture.
I have a thing for black & white mixed with warm wood tones & then a little bit of color (in accents- especially green!! 😉 😉 sprinkled about, so I’ve settled on doing black doors for our house.  We have mostly ivory walls & wood floors & seagrass throughout the house, so I thought doing the doors in black would give me that palette I love.  The doors are arriving unpainted & I need to decide on the paint finish today.
I am leaning towards a low or no sheen look & so I loooove the flat look of the barn doors in the pic above..
Here are some really beautiful high-gloss blue doors that are so dark they look black (the reverse of Superman’s hair ;):
{Nate Berkus}
I love the stark contrast of the black doors (below) against the white and of course in combination with the warm wood floors:


{The books add more of the warmth & age that I love & the purple & green from the lilac arrangement is just the right amount of color for me personally.}
The sheen on these doors below is really pretty:
It’s probably a semi-gloss.
And again, it’s the wood on that clock that does it for me.
The dutch doors (below) from one of Thomas O’Brien’s homes are sooooooo amazing..
{I loooooove this kitchen!!!  So simple & spare & fresh!! I love the modern-vintage-farmhouseish feel.}
I’ve decided on 3 panel doors like this one:
I wanted something that feels both old & modern at the same time.  I was looking for some interest, but nothing with any frills or curves.
I think they’ll look really similar to this door (below) except I think trim is a bit simpler on mine…
{House Beautiful}

The home above is perfection to me.  I’ve posted this photo multiple times on the blog & I just loooove the mood of this room.  It’s got that neutral yet warm palette I love and that overall relaxed natural feeling.  This feels like the type of house I’d love coming home to…  All of those warm woods and the ivory walls with the hit of black…  The branch in the Ball jar make it for me!!  I hope our home feels something like this (although it’s a contemporary house, so the style will be really different.) as far as mood goes.

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