The long-awaited (well, for me at least!) Winter issue of luxe  featuring Maison de Luxe 2015 is finally out!!  Participating in Maison de Luxe at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills was one of the
more unforgettable experiences I’ve ever had.  I met so many fun, talented and kind people, and fell in love with Greystone.  It all happened
during one of the craziest times for me ever- newborn, new house, new book- and there were moments when I had no idea how it was all going to happen
with the sleep deprivation and a crazy travel schedule, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I was almost 9 months pregnant during the “survey” of the mansion, so I didn’t actually get to see the spaces I was designing- the stair tower sitting
room and the adjoining terrace- and I worked from photos and measurements sent to me.  It was in a way like a parcel design that we did the install and project management for.  It was great practice for managing out of state projects,
something I’m really excited about finally taking on this year!

Here’s a look at the stair tower sitting room as we found it:



And here it is with our stamp on it:


I wanted to make a nod to the glamour that surrounds Greystone by bringing in elements like the gilded antique console in front of the window, the chic
(faux) zebra ottoman by Emporium Home, and gilded driftwood lamp and mixing those things with simpler pieces like my ‘Wild Chicory’ curtains in a nubby linen, unframed vintage charcoal drawings and oversize vintage globe pendant.   Walls are
in Farrow & Ball’s “Pitch Black” which I thought would be beautiful against all of the warm woodwork.

{I wanted the curtain rods to basically disappear against the black walls so I went with iron rods from the Antique Drapery Rod Co.}


I imagined the stair tower sitting room to be a place where people could go to get away from the more public spaces of the house.  It was originally
the Doheny boys’ study back when Greystone was in its heyday.


I thought the chunk of glass (above) worked beautifully on the console, which I’d set up as a bar, because it reminds me of a chunk of ice (that
conveniently wouldn’t melt during the showhouse.)

Here’s a view of the sitting room from the terrace.  The massive glass clock dome fit perfectly in the bookshelf between the curved/ cut out shelves:
(Gooooo Meghan who searched for hours for this baby!!!!)  We added new hardware from Sun Valley Bronze onto the original cabinetry:


Here’s a peek at some of the cool “treasures” we found and filled the bookcases with…


I loooove the Billy Baldwinesque chairs by Lee Industries.  I wanted to go with something that had a modern
feel yet vintage nod, something that could have possibly been in Greystone originally, and these were perfect.  When I was snooping in the old
kitchen one day after the install, I saw photos of some of the originally decorated rooms at Greystone and saw that they actually used very similar
upholstery.  (And this made me feel special lol)  On the wall is a gorgeous boiserie by Dennis & Leen beside a glass & brass Urban Electric Co. sconce.



I loved the “tucked away” feeling of the room.  We kept the doors flung open to the terrace when the house was open…

{We layered a vintage rug from Woven Accents over a seagrass rug we had made.}


Outside, on the terrace, you really get to take in the amazing craftsmanship and architecture of Greystone…



We painted the terrace floor to a solid neutral (It previously had a design on it) and filled it with a table & chairs by Made Goods, a massive custom
slipcovered sectional by Lee Industries, lanterns & battery-operated candles by Frontgate, and potted olive trees and succulents.


I selected spare and sculptural pieces that wouldn’t compete with the architecture.


I am so gaga over the house and grounds.  There were towers and stairs leading to other terraces and gardens and I’m still in love with this place…
The wood door below leads to the stair tower where people have reported seeing a specter (of a man with no legs) floating down the stairs to the basement.
It was amazing talking to people with first-hand accounts of ghostly happenings at Greystone.



A teak root coffee table sites between two concrete ones on front of the sectional.  Some of the pillows are custom – the printed ones are in LL Textiles
“Squid Flower” and the others are by Frontgate.


I was lucky enough to get to spend quite a bit of time out here, hanging with Dave & the baby while we installed and talked to showhouse visitors:


There is so much more to see of the house in the current issue of luxe, which is drool-worthy.  I met so many talented new friends and I’m truly in
awe of what they all created.  I have so many favorite rooms!!  To get a peek at house, check out luxe source and definitely check out the full issue, on newstands now, which is serious eye candy.



There are so many people and companies to thank for helping pull this off.  {Pamela Jaccarino and the entire luxe staff- for the invitation and kindness
throughout the process, Vanessa Kogevinas for managing the entire showhouse, Jennifer Alden for her amazing styling-shopping-coordination skills, Ranger
Steve & the rest of the park rangers for putting up with all of us, Photographer Matthew Millman who shot Greystone for luxe, photographer
Amy Bartlam who took all of the photos in this post you don’t see the “luxe” logo on, Meghan, Jenna & Dave, our team, and of course, the companies
who generously loaned us pieces for the showhouse- The Antique Drapery Rod Company, Dennis & Leen, Emporium Home, Farrow & Ball, Frontgate,
Lee Industries, Made Goods, Urban Electric Co., Sun Valley Bronze, and Woven Accents}  It really takes so many people to make an event
like this happen.


And I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of Gisele hanging out in the room… (Thank you Amy!!)  She’s been so many places with us in such a short
time and is a really flexible little thing to happily put up with it all.